Cannabis Studies Certificate Course of Studies

Contact Information

Dr. Jane Knapp

Cannabis Studies Certificate – Course of Study

Fall Semester*

  • LGL* 170 Cannabis Law and Policy, credits 3
  • BBG* 101 Intro to Business, credits 3
  • BMG* 204 Managerial Communication, credits 3
  • HLT* 121 Survey of Alternative Healthcare, credits 3

Spring Semester*

  • HLT* 121 Survey of Alternative Health Care, credits 3
  • HRT* 113 Horticulture of Cannabis, credits 3
  • BES* 218 Entrepreneurship, credits 3

Additional Program Information

  • All courses earn college credit for those students who continue on to earn Associate Degrees in Business, General Studies, or Liberal Arts and Sciences – degrees which also transfer to Connecticut colleges and universities for students pursuing advanced degrees.
  • Please note, this is a suggested plan of study for a full-time student.  Part-time students may have their schedule adjusted accordingly.  Students must meet with their academic advisor each semester prior to registering for classes.
  • Students may need additional courses in remedial math and/or English.

* All semester course offerings are tentative.