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Disability Services

Contact Information

John Lepore
Disabilities Service Provider

Mikaela Kitka
Disabilities Service Provider

Quinebaug Valley Community College is committed to the goal of achieving equal educational opportunity and full participation for individuals with disabilities. The college makes reasonable academic adjustments for students with disabilities supported by appropriate documentation. Students who wish to disclose a disability are encouraged to do so as early as possible. If you choose to disclose your disability, or if you wish to request academic adjustments, please do the following:

Disclose Disability and Discuss Academic Adjustments with a Disabilities Service Provider

1. Download, complete, and email the QVCC Self Disclosure Form for Students with Disabilities. First, fill out the form and save it to your device.  Please be sure to answer all the questions to the best of your ability.  If you are unsure, do as much as possible, and we will help you when we contact you.  Then email the form to both Disability Service Providers, MKitka@qvcc.edu and Jlepore@qvcc.edu. If you have an electronic copy of your disability documentation you should email it along with the QVCC Self Disclosure Form. A Release of Information Disability Form may be used in order for your high school to furnish disability documentation. Include a copy of your disability documentation with the self disclosure form, if you have it. After submitting the completed Self Disclosure Form, you will be contacted by one of the college’s Disabilities Service Providers with instructions for requesting academic adjustments.

2. Meet with a Disabilities Service Provider and provide documentation of your disability. Meetings will be conducted by email, phone or video (or in-person once the college re-opens) as best suits your needs.  You may email or phone us directly and wait for our reply, or you may book an appointment online by clicking on Book an Appointment Online. Booked appointments will be via phone or video.  The documentation that you will provide us is essential to completing the process.  When possible, email documentation before we meet. However, if you experience any difficulties in providing it or have questions regarding documentation, we will discuss options to assist you when we meet.  We will also discuss the academic adjustments you may wish to request.

3. If you are requesting adjustments for an upcoming semester, we recommend you meet with a Disabilities Service Provider after you have registered for classes to finalize academic adjustments.  We are also available to help you to discuss class options prior to registration. It is highly recommended that you register well in advance of the start of the semester.  However, we are available throughout the year.

Implement Academic Adjustments

4. Once the Academic adjustments have been determined, you will be provided with an academic adjustment authorization memo for you to give to each of your instructors. Deliver it and discuss your academic adjustments, and make whatever arrangements that may be necessary with each instructor.

5. Throughout the semester, contact a Disabilities Services Provider every two to three weeks to provide updates on your academic progress, or more often if you have questions or concerns.

After registering for the next semester, contact a Disabilities Services Provider as soon as possible to obtain academic adjustment authorization memos for the following semester.

Get Started Early!

It is a student’s responsibility to request particular academic adjustments and provide appropriate documentation in a timely manner. Generally, three weeks advance notice is sufficient, although some types of academic adjustment may require more advance notice (for example a student who may require sign language interpreting services should provide at least six weeks notice – preferably more – to enable timely scheduling of interpreters).

If a request for academic adjustments is submitted with less than three weeks advance notice, the college will make a reasonable attempt to meet the request, but cannot guarantee that the request will be met without delay or substitution. We will do our best to respond to mid-semester requests as quickly as possible.

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  4. Please contact John Lepore or Mikaela Kitka, Disabilities Services Providers