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Fall Course Modalities

Fall 2020 Course Types

Fall semester begins on Tuesday, August 25. There’s a lot of uncertainty about what returning to campus will look like, but we’re actively working on a plan. Even though things are evolving and adjustments are being made to the fall schedule, this doesn’t mean you have to wait to enroll. Registration is open and we are happy to assist you.

We want you back on campus and are committed to making it a flexible, safe, and healthy environment. While we don’t have all the answers yet, we want to explain the course options you have moving forward. In the fall 2020 semester, you can expect to see five different course types: TRAD, HYBR, ONLN, LRON, and OLCR.

Fall 2020 Course Types

These are fully on ground classes. You will need to come to a specific classroom on campus at a specific time each day the class is held.

These classes are held both on campus and online. Some classes will meet on campus once per week, some will meet once every two or three weeks.

These are fully online asynchronous classes. This means that you can log into the class and do your work at any time.

These are fully online synchronous classes. This means that you are required to be online at the same time as your instructor.

These are fully online classes BUT they do require you to come to campus at least once to engage in an activity such as taking a final exam or participating in a lab. These classes can be synchronous or asynchronous.