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Erica Michalski
Campus Director of Tutoring and Academic Support
(860) 932-4014



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    Now offering both online and in person tutoring!

          The Learning Center is located in Room C232, Danielson Campus

Learning Center Entrance

Sometimes, everybody needs a little help.

That’s why we’re here! The Learning Center provides free academic support to QVCC students of both the Danielson campus and the Willimantic center.

We encourage all students to meet with our tutors whenever they need a helping hand! A few sessions working with a tutor can help you stay comfortable with your course work and keep you on track with your academic goals!

Make a tutoring appointment today!

If you’d like to schedule a tutoring appointment with us, you can . . .

  • . . . click on the appropriate link (DANIELSON or WILLIMANTIC) and then select the class you need help with and your preferred method (in-person or online). When you’ve finished, check your email for a confirmation message from us!
  • . . . call us at (860) 932-4051 to talk to a member of our staff, or leave a brief message with a name and number so that we can return your call as soon as possible!
  • . . . walk into our office: Room C232 on the Danielson Campus. You can schedule a future appointment in person, or (if there are available tutors) jump into a session immediately!
Learning Center desk

Testing in the Learning Center

The Learning Center administers Assessment Testing for English, Math, and ESOL (English for Students of Other Languages), as needed.  You may schedule your Assessment test by visiting the following link:
Assessment Testing Appointments

Information about the various assessment tests can be provided by our Guided Pathways Advising team.

The Learning Center also provides proctored testing for QVCC students that includes CLEP and CBE.

CLEP testing is provided through an outside service and is fee-based.  CLEP provides transferable college credit if completed with a passing score.  Appointments are required.  Please call (860) 932-4051 to schedule an appointment.

Credit By Exam (CBE) tests are QVCC-provided tests that can be taken to gain college credit at QVCC.  CBE’s provide QVCC credit only; CBE credits do not transfer, and the CBE does not affect the student’s GPA.  Students must be currently registered in at least one credit class at QVCC, have the permission of the faculty member in charge of the subject area, QVCC student will need to pay a $15.00 fee to take a CBE.

All testing requires a photo ID to be shown upon arrival.  Students who do not have a photo ID with them will not be permitted to test until a valid photo ID is produced.

Please call (860) 932-4051 for more information regarding CLEPs and CBEs.

Complete information on testing is available in the Learning Center.

The Mindfulness Room

image of the Mindfulness RoomThe Mindfulness Room is a serene and tranquil space designed to promote mindfulness and well-being.  With its soft lighting, comfortable seating, and calming decor, it provides a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind, meditate, or simply take a moment to breathe, the mindfulness room is the perfect place to do so.  Please stop by the Learning Center Desk or click on the link below to reserve a time.

Study Tools

Purdue Online Writing Lab – Writing resources and instructional material provided as a free service of Purdue University.

Study Skills Self-Help – Online Study Skills Workshops, courtesy of Virginia Tech.

ZoteroBib – An online citation tool and works cited (bibliography) generator for MLA, APA, Chicago style, and more.