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Student Activities

The QVCC Student Government Association (SGA)

Welcome to Student Activities!

There’s more to college than just going to class. Get involved on campus with Student Activities and the Student Government Association (SGA)!

Increase your career and educational opportunities by participating in on-campus activities and organizations. Make friends, establish useful networks, improve your leadership skills, and most importantly…have fun! Get the most of your college experience by becoming an active member of the on-campus community!

2019/2020 SGA Officers

Jacqueline Dufour 2019Bree Weidele 2019Natalie Ionkin 2019Kate Crescenzo 2019Wyatt Cummings 2019Kevin Champagne 2019
Jacqueline Dufour
Bree Weidele
Vice President
Natalie Ionkin
Kate Crescenzo
Foundation Rep.
Wyatt Cummings
Kevin Champagne
Member at Large

How Can I Get Involved?

Why Should I Get Involved?

Get Better Grades & Graduate Sooner

Research suggests students who are involved in student organizations and participate in campus activities have a higher GPA, a bigger professional network, and graduate sooner.

Build Your Resume

Joining or starting a club
shows initiative, responsibility and engagement on campus. You become a leader on campus who helps makes decisions that affect others.

Make Connections

Becoming a member of the Student Government Association, participating in campus events, and joining a club helps you meet new people and connect with faculty and staff.

Have Fun!

Gain new skills, make new friends, get to know your professors, and give back to the community!

Contact Information

To learn more about Student Activities, contact:

Kevin Davis
Student Activities & SGA Advisor

Student Success Center
Quinebaug Valley Community College