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Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center

Ready for Your Future in Manufacturing?

If you are interested in the Advanced Manufacturing Certificate or have questions, contact: Sandy Gould (860) 932-4178. If you are interested in the Mechatronics Certificate and have questions, contact: Jodi Clark  (860) 932-4128.

You may also sign up for an advising appointment online.  Manufacturing staff is available to meet with you virtually or in person.

Not Just a Job but a Career

Supporting students and businesses from the Quiet Corner to the shoreline, the 10,000 square foot Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center provides hands-on learning opportunities for students, as well as a location for area manufacturers with customized training needs. The Center includes a machine lab, mechatronics and metrology labs, classroom, conference space, and offices.

Student Success

Women in Manufacturing

Graduate of Advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics - Now Employed at Pratt & Whitney

Come and Visit!

Contact Sandy Gould or Jodi Clark  to schedule a tour of the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center.

In the meantime, enjoy this tour Gary O of WINY Radio created when we opened our new Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center in 2016.

Or take the virtual tour.

Start Your Career in Two Semesters

Advanced Manufacturing Certificate Program

Advanced Manufacturing is a world of innovation utilizing new technologies, software, automation and cutting edge materials. Our two semester Precision Machining Certificate will prepare you to join that world.


  • Paid internships
  • 95% job placement after graduation

Mechatronics Automation Technician Certificate Program

Mechatronics describes a field that combines mechanics and electronics. The technology is used to create automated processes that operate with minimal human intervention, freeing workers from routine tasks.


  • Paid Internships
  • Increase the skills you already have in manufacturing
  • Jobs are in demand

Our Manufacturing programs offer:

Paid Internships

Start an internship in your first or second semester!

95% Job Placement

Our manufacturing students get jobs!

Manufacturing in Eastern Connecticut is growing!

Apply 30 credits to a degree!

Continue with a Technology Studies degree

Ready to get started?

  1. Apply for Admission.
  2. Apply for Financial Aid by completing the Federal FAFSA, which determines eligibility.
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Contact Information

To learn more about the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center, contact:

Steve LaPointe
Steve Lapointe

Is it too premature to say we are in a “post COVID” era? 2023 already, WOW!! I know there are still many positive cases showing up through home tests etc, but this hasn’t affected the hands-on classroom instruction in our Advanced Manufacturing programs. Either way QVCC is marching forward to try and deliver the best education and training to meet our community business partners needs for qualified individuals. As we move into our Spring ’23 semester, I am starting to place the students in employment opportunities right here in “The Quiet  Corner”. We have so many student testimonials that keeps us driving forward for more success.

We are starting to promote the classes and how to enroll for Fall 2023 under the new one college model CT State. QVCC hosts various hand-on workshops for high school students to participate in real world applications that might be found at a job in machining or automation. There’s a saying “you don’t know what you don’t know” and I have a strong feeling most young adults don’t know how fun a job in manufacturing can be and the rewards associated with holding something that you create from scratch. We offer shadow programs that allows a student to participate in a night of a QVCC manufacturing student. This is a great opportunity to meet other students in the program as well as experience the shop atmosphere. The industries in our area are mainly plastics, medical, green energy, aerospace and defense. Each of these play an important role in the success of our region and the country in general. The easiest part of my job is getting you employed locally in one of these great companies.

Just because most of the businesses are listed as manufacturers, there are many pathways that QVCC offers. From business, computers, cyber security and more, every business has similar needs. And how about free college?!! The classes are small and the student to teacher ratio is incredibly low, meaning super support to make each student successful. There are many ways scholarship money can also help ease the financial burden, just simply apply.

So in conclusion I am asking for you to give me and the amazing QVCC team a chance to help you succeed on a new path to an exciting, well paying career. We have an Advanced Manufacturing/Mechatronics Info Session on February 23rd at 6:30 pm. Come and visit to find out more and see why QVCC has one of the best training programs in the country.

Stephen LaPointe
Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center

To learn more about how to enroll in one of our Advanced Manufacturing Technology certificate programs, contact:

Jodi Clark

Assistant Director



Sandy Gould
Advanced Manufacturing Assistant