Allied Health Laboratory

Contact Information

Brian Clinton
Medical Assisting & Allied Health Program Coordinator

Cindi Brassington, MS, CMA (AAMA)
Professor of Allied Health


Allied health laboratory and classroom

dedicated to the allied health programs at QVCCmedical_lab_nov16

The programs which will make use of the lab include medical assisting, phlebotomy and medical laboratory technician. The room is equipped with a mock medical office examination room where medical assistants can perform procedures exactly as they would be done in an exam room. The room is also furnished with adjustable exam tables, wall eye charts, mayo stands, surgical instruments and an autoclave for sterilizing surgical instruments.

Students in all programs must learn to perform venipuncture and dermal puncture procedures as well as various blood tests such as hemoglobin, glucose, and cholesterol. The room is well equipped with practice phlebotomy arms that will yield fake blood when the student has successfully entered a vein in addition to the phlebotomy chairs, venipuncture and dermal puncture equipment and supply carts that one would see in a real outpatient laboratory setting. Many testing analyzers and tests kits are used to teach students how to perform certain blood and specimen testing. There are even practice body parts and Practi-medicines for learning how to administer medications. medical_lab_nov16_2

With the new medical laboratory technician program, chemistry and hematology analyzers will be purchased in the near future and housed in the new lab.