Eighteen Students Complete QVCC’s CNA Program and Receive Jobs

Westview Health Care Center CNAsDespite the impediments presented by the Covid-19 outbreak earlier this spring, 18 students have successfully completed Quinebaug Valley Community College’s Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program and received jobs in the respective fields.

“Back in March I remember telling the CNA students that although it was unclear when we would return to class, we would meet back at the finish line — I never thought that would be five months later! I am so proud of this outstanding group of 18 students that returned to complete the program. They did not allow Covid to ruin their plans, just postpone them a bit,” said Stephanie Majewski, course instructor. “There is such a need in our community right now for qualified CNAs, especially in our long-term care facilities. This fall, QVCC will continue to provide CNA training through a hybrid program, featuring both online learning and in person lab components. I look forward to meeting our future CNAs!”

QVCC is proud to share that each of the 18 students received jobs following completion of the course, seven of which were hired locally by Westview Health Care Center, situated in Dayville, CT.

“We are truly excited to welcome several new QVCC Certified Nursing Assistant graduates to our Westview family,” stated David T. Panteleakos, Administrator. “The CNA training and certification program at Quinebaug Valley Community College is absolutely invaluable to the health care industry and our community.”

The demand for CNAs in our area is extremely high. The hands-on experience offered at QVCC can further your education as a nurse or in other health care fields. QVCC is offering a hybrid CNA course beginning on September 14, in addition to a section that will be added in October. Anyone who is interested in registering should contact Amanda Giles at agiles@qvcc.edu to be added to the waitlist. The cost of the class is $1250 with tuition assistance available.

Course Information

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
Next class begins October 12
Cost: $1,250
*Tuition assistance available; May be eligible for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) or SNAP funds*


QVCC Offers Selection of Fall 2020 Late Start Courses

Quinebaug Valley Community College has announced a fall 2020 late start schedule designed in an accelerated format, allowing students to take 11-week or 7-week courses as an alternative to the traditional 16-week full semester courses.

QVCC will be offering a range of late start classes, beginning the week of September 28 or October 14. These courses give students the opportunity to earn necessary credits in a condensed time frame.

Some of QVCC’s accelerated courses include American Government, Creative Writing, General Chemistry, Guitar I & II, Intro to Business, Intro to Engineering, Intro to Theater, Principles of Sociology, Safety in the Workplace, Spreadsheet Applications, Web Design & Development, Yoga, and more.

To see the complete list of QVCC’s late start offerings:

  • Visit my.commnet.edu
  • Select: Search for Course Offerings
  • Select College: Quinebaug Valley CC
  • Select (O)pen or (C)Closed: Click Open
  • Select Course Level: Check Credit
  • Click Get Courses and look for any course title starting with “LS:”

Students interested in enrolling in any late start classes should be aware that while the number of class meetings for late start courses is fewer than the regular fall semester, each course still contains the same number of class hours as the regular semester, therefore the level of study is more intensive.

Register online at QVCC.edu/register or book a Virtual Advising Session at QVCC.edu/advising. Not a QVCC student? There’s still time to apply as a new or transfer student! Visit QVCC.edu/apply-now.


Tackle the Trail is ON!

Tackle the Trail: A Unique Race in a Unique Place
(Even More Unique This Year!)

We are RUNNING! Tackle the Trail will be held on-ground and virtually on Saturday, October 17, 2020. The race is open to individuals and up to five-person relay teams. Runners will enjoy the quiet solitude of nature with bursts of energetic and supportive volunteers at four relay stations throughout the 20-mile point-to-point race, which starts in Windham and ends in Pomfret, CT. Other highlights include great prizes, SWAG, and the most important part: knowing that proceeds help local students attend Quinebaug Valley Community College in the form of scholarships!

Virtual Race: Not comfortable running on-ground? Join us virtually! Enjoy the chance to compete on your own 20-mile course over a two-day period wearing a downloadable bib. Know that you are supporting a great cause too…helping local students attend college!

For more information about the race and to register, visit tacklethetrail.org.


Purchase Books Online

QVCC bookstore logo

Update: QVCC Bookstore & Buying Textbooks

QVCC students who are looking to purchase textbooks and materials for the fall 2020 semester can only do so through our online shop at qvcc-shop.com. Orders will be shipped directly via USPS. Students are able to use any major credit card, PayPal, or Financial Aid as the payment option. Students using Financial Aid must start their banner ID with the @ symbol during the checkout process.

Financial Aid is available now through September 11th. Due to limited transportation availability as a result of COVID-19, we strongly suggest students make purchases sooner rather than later as delivery times may be extended.


Store Manager: Mik Saksith, m.saksith@follett.com
Phone: (860) 779-1177 | Fax: (860) 779-3105


2,200 Students eligible for PACT at priority deadline; funding remains on a first come, first served basis

(HARTFORD, CT) – Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) President Mark Ojakian announced that interest in the Pledge to Advance Connecticut (PACT), Connecticut’s tuition and fee free community college program, has been strong, with more than 2,200 students receiving $2.5 million in grant awards through the July 15 deadline for priority consideration. These qualified students will owe no out-of-pocket tuition or mandatory fees to attend one of Connecticut’s 12 community colleges.

More than half – those whose tuition and fees are already covered by existing federal, state, and institutional funding – will receive the minimum grant of $250 for educational expenses.

“While it might not sound like a lot, that $250 grant will make a real difference to our poorer students, many of whom are students of color, who all too often face nearly insurmountable obstacles – from childcare, to food insecurity, to unreliable transportation – to obtaining a degree,” President Ojakian said.

As previously announced, the community colleges will continue to accept applications for PACT for the fall semester on a first come, first served basis. Students who enroll now will receive priority in the order in which they are received, within available funding. CSCU plans to award at least an additional $1 million in PACT scholarships to eligible students.

“It is not too late for qualified students to attend college with no out-of-pocket expenses,” said Dr. David Levinson, interim president of Connecticut State Community College. “All potential college students should strongly consider a community college. With free community college and seamless transfer to our universities, students can earn even earn a four-year degree while saving tens of thousands of dollars. It’s a win-win, but potential students should not wait. Enroll today at ct.edu/pact.”

In order to qualify for PACT, potential students must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a graduate of a public or private Connecticut high school (GED and homeschooled students qualify).
  • Be a first-time college student (those who participated in dual enrollment programs while in high school are not excluded).
  • Fill out FAFSA and accept all awards.
  • Attend community college full-time (12 or more credits per semester).
  • Enroll in classes today for first come, first served consideration.
  • Participate in a degree or credit-bearing certificate program.
  • Once enrolled, remain in good academic standing.

PACT is a last-dollar scholarship, so once students enroll in classes and complete all necessary financial aid documentation, including the FAFSA, PACT funding will be applied to their account.


Release July 27, 2020
Leigh Appleby, CSCU director of communications


QVCC Offers New Online Performing Arts Courses this Fall

This fall, Quinebaug Valley Community College is pleased to offer several new and exciting Performing Arts courses—all live online experiences from the comfort of your living room. Students can now earn college credit while having fun in classes like dance, guitar, and theatrical improvisation.

Movement as Creative Expression explores the elements of dance including classical and contemporary technique, choreography/composition, and performance. Students will engage with technical dance genres, participate in creative choreography, and work on collaborative projects.

Tap Dance is a percussive form of dance utilizing time, weight, coordination, speed, and rhythm. Students will gain an awareness of tap techniques, its origins, impact, and evolution. Both dances classes are a fun way to get a good workout from the comfort of the living room.

Guitar I and Guitar II courses encourage students to rock the guitar this fall. Both classes provide a basic foundation in guitar playing and musicianship. Guitar I is geared to students with no previous experience in the guitar or general music. Literacy in guitar notation and tab reading, and basic rhythms and chords will be developed. Guitar II is for students who have some experience with the guitar, know a few chords, and feel ready to take their playing to the next level.

Improvisation, also known as the “Yes, and” performing art form, is based on theatrical games where actors create scenes and characters on the spot. Employed by business leaders and professionals in all industries, improv training sharpens the mind and helps shy people learn to socialize as they tap their comedic impulses. This online course is for all students, including those new to improvisation, as well as those familiar with establishing support, trust, initiation, agreement, and the other tools used by those skillful improvisers seen on TV shows like SNL and Whose Line is It, Anyway?

Dance classes are taught by Nichola Johnson, a choreographer who holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College. Johnson’s approach to education empowers the student to master technical elements and develop a rich personal style. Nichola is the Founder/Director of The Complex Performing and Creative Arts Centre in Northeastern Connecticut and serves on the faculties of many high school and college performing arts departments.

Guitar is taught by Chris Monti, a professional musician teaching guitar and playing music professionally for over 15 years. His eclectic style embraces rock & roll, country-blues, early jazz, and R+B. Singing and playing electric guitar and harmonica in several bands, he leads The Chris Monti Band, playing an upbeat mix of original dance music along with West African and Caribbean songs, and is a member of The Devilfish, a power trio dance band covering surf, mambo, cumbia, punk, blues, boogie and Latin pop.

Improvisation acting is taught by Tom Epstein, a performer who trained at NY-based Upright Citizens Brigade. Epstein is a house-team performer, coach, and instructor at P.I.G. (Providence Improv Guild www.improvpig.com), and an educator with degrees from Emerson College.

For more information regarding the Performing Arts courses, please contact Brian Kaufman at okaufman@qvcc.edu.

The first day of fall semester begins on Wednesday, August 26. To apply to the College, visit qvcc.edu/admissions-financial-aid/admissions/ and be sure to apply for Financial Aid. If you need assistance, please email the Admissions Department at admissions@qvcc.edu and they will be happy to assist you.

Nichola Johnson headshot
Nichola Johnson
Chris Monti headshot
Chris Monti
Tom Epstein headshot
Tom Epstein


QVCC Announces Spring 2020 Dean’s List

Quinebaug Valley Community College has announced the names of 201 students named to the spring semester dean’s list.

Ashlyn Chebro, Diana Cone, Jared Green, Erin Lannon

Trish Piekarski

Annastacia Schneider

Hailey Barrows, Laura Bates, Hannah Bessette, Alison Brennan, Angelique Caouette, Cheryl Clark, Hannah Cloutier, Emily Colangelo, Wyatt Cummings, Andrew Davis, Isabelle DuBois, Hanna Forsten, Brett Graveline, Molly Johnson, Jordan Keith, Sherry Lowe, Logan Moyer, Taylor Nicholson, Jesse Paprota, Michelle Parmeter, Itzel Rojas, James Walters

Sierra Ings, Colette Marchand, Matthew Moffitt

Amelia Nelson

Dustin Paquette

Meaghan Bellavance, Thomas Bernier, Angela Dean, Jon Dufault, Chelsey Fisher, Faith Fournier, Brianna Hogan, Melissa Hopkins, Tamarin Kelley, Candice Koolhaas, Alana Krasley, Michael Lee, Jordan Mahon, Michaela Marshall, Jenna Normandin, Kayla Picciarelli, Carlos Poch, Megan Reynolds, Grace Terwilliger, Nicholas Van Liew, Emily Watling

Carolyn Anderson, Sarah Azizi, Mandi Beckman, Stephanie Benoit, Brianna Blinkhorn, Reid Dumas, Thomas Ellis, Tiffany Hicks, Gabriela Irving, Emily Keeling, Angela Maynard, Jessica Morrissette, Gwen Oppert, Vincent Pontarelli, Jarrica Rainville, Brandon Steen, Tayler Tracy, Nicolas Washburn

East Killingly
Madisen Ventura

Amy Ayer

Mary Hayden, Corey Longhurst

William Lehoux, Justin McCollum, India McDermott Arriola, Emily Schmidt

Kasandra Fox

Kaytlyn Betters

Matthew Jameson

Mansfield Center
Gus Larsen Giangrave, Ruth Soderberg,

Ryan Ballard, Gabrielle Cimino, Shania Fontaine, Alexis Lirette, Nicole Mahon, Sophie Mercer, Anjuli Pickett, Hunter Turner

North Grosvenordale
Adrienne Guerin, Sylwia Helwig, Bernard Nanni, Salvatore Simone

North Windham
Timothy Belliveau

Jonathan Maurice

Old Saybrook
Daniel Baldi

Amanda Abbott, Tyler Ahearn, Alyssa Aubin, Jessica Bedard-Plummer, Chloe Cooke, Austin Grimshaw, Autumn Jackson, Kristi Luchi, Sierra Mercier, Juliet Michaud, James Murphy Jr., Alexis Price, Julia Rider, Joshua Sandage, Jennifer Spinney, Madison Tatro, Patricia Wilson

Dawn Libby

Pomfret Center
Sydney Feragne, Iryna Huling, Teresa Les Chander, Noah McNamara, Eric Yost

Hannah Bergeron, Morgan Blackmar, Jared Brong, Kevin Champagne, Vicrtoria Dias, Michael DiColella, Darren Dionne, Kristina Dyba, Kerryann Frenier, Sarah Hernandez, Natalie Ionkin, Lauren Jones, Ismail Kiani, Charles MacKenzie, Leslie Mercedes, Jasmin Montpelier, Jeffrey Reed Jr., Sara Rouillard, Garrett Sward, Joshua Thomas, Aislin Tracey, Breana Weidele, Tyson Winchell, Evan Zach

Cassidy Ball, Anna Carpentier, Lauryn Hart, Jason Leclair, Cadie Mecteau, Olivia Tetreault, Vincent Valenti

John Bibeau

Storrs Mansfield
Steven Gagne, Ashley Sackschewsky

Amber Axtell, Dona Marie Galvadores, Kaitlyn Morton, Julia Radlo

Alex Maddox, Gina Maddox, Heather Nault, Kathryne Vegiard

Shani Acevedo, Victoria DeJesus, Yasmin Garcia-Juarez, Sandra Gonzalez-Berrios, Frank Hendrick, Joseph Nales, Vanessa Rivera, Nayeli Rivera Berrios, Katherine Soto

Addison Jacoboski

Axel Oschmann, Deborah Philips, George Rosenburg, Charles Steiner

Madison Bazinet, Kaylea Bessios, Aaron Blanchflower, Francesca Cicarelli, Korrin Durning, Haley Farley, Marshal Gohn, Cameron Lotter, Lillian Mandeville, William Minkema, Melanie Olson, Tristan Raszka, Jed Rategan, Emily Rosaci, Olivia Stanikmas

Woodstock Valley
Erin Carlson, Harrison Frost

Dudley, MA
Brandon Johnson

Southbridge, MA
Brent Bohm, Kathryn Bohm

Foster, RI
Julia Boyce

Johnston, RI
Heather Tracy

Advanced Manufacturing Program is Up and Running

Introduction to Machine Operator Program and Spring Credit Courses Resume On-Campus

Quinebaug Valley Community College closed campus on March 12th in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most QVCC classes were able to resume online the week of March 23, but hands-on courses needing lab time needed a different solution.  QVCC Director of Advanced Manufacturing, Steve LaPointe received approval for a phase one re-opening of the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center (AMTC) by Connecticut State Colleges and Universities President Mark Ojakian in late May.  Using CDC guidelines, social distancing and safety precautions, the first group of students returned on June 2, and 12 students were able to complete their short-term training in Introduction to Machine Operator Program they began March 3.

The Introduction to Machine Operator Program, is a seven-week, 210 hour program through the Eastern Connecticut Manufacturing Pipeline, funded by the U.S. Department of Labor-Workforce Innovation Fund in partnership with the CT Department of Labor and the Eastern CT Workforce Investment Board.  This was the 21st Pipeline program run at QVCC.  The training supports the hiring demands for Electric Boat, Eastern Advanced Manufacturing Alliance (EAMA) and other manufacturers.  Mark Hill, interim president/CEO EWIB congratulated the students on their success, “Congratulations to QVCC and the Manufacturing Pipeline Initiative (MPI) students for completing the Machine Operator training program! Using on-line training and other creative options, they persevered in the training program in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The students acquired important skills which will help them in the job market in the future.”

On Monday June 8th, students who were enrolled in spring manufacturing courses started back at the lab to finish National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS) Credentials. Additional plans this summer include bringing Windham Early College Opportunity (ECO) students to campus starting July 6. ECO is a collaboration between QVCC and Windham High School, Willimantic, CT which provides a pathway of courses taught at Windham High School leading towards a QVCC certificate in Advanced Manufacturing.

LaPointe stated, “It is great to get up and running again at the College. The students in the Pipeline program were eager complete, as you can tell by their smiles (photo attached).” LaPointe also talked about the upcoming fall semester stating, “We will be running with half the capacity we normally run for a total of 24 students, dividing them between on-ground in the classroom and in the lab. Students who are interested in enrolling for fall should not delay.”

For additional information, contact Steve LaPointe, 860.932.4111 or slapointe@qvcc.edu.

QVCC Celebrates Julius Sokenu Poetry Award Winners

Congratulations to the eleven Quinebaug Valley Community College students and five Quinebaug Middle College students who were recipients of this year’s Julius Sokenu Poetry Awards.

Sokenu, a longtime English professor at QVCC, left in 2007 to assume a position at Moorpark College in Ventura County, California, where he is currently interim executive vice president. His departure to California inspired the creation of an annual student poetry contest in his name. Sokenu’s poems have been published in Nimrod: International Journal of Prose and Poetry, Hayden’s Ferry Review and Zone Magazine. His Master’s Thesis, East of Badagry, won the Glendon Swarthout Award at Arizona State University. He has been an artist on the roster of the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, vice chair of the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities and Bosselaar Family Foundation poetry scholar at the Aspen Writers Conference.


First Prize: “We Are Not So Different from a Goose” by Taylor Lynn Copeland

Second: “Vision of a Red-Faced God” by John Bogue

Third: “Peephole” by Sara Green

Honorable Mention: “Holiness” by Celeste Fournier

Honorable Mention: “The Color Red” by Dakotah Dwyer-Matson


Spanish: Heritage Speakers

First: “Despedida de una amiga al cielo” by Joaris Santiago Cancel

Second: “No Encuentro Solución” by Fabian Sosa-Mangual


Spanish: Non-Heritage Speakers

First: “Rosas Simplemente Flores” by Rowan Coleman

Second: “Ascendencia Celestial” by Taylor Lynn Copeland

Third: “Cuando lo usemos” by Will Brin

Honorable Mention: “Sobre Amistad” by Caitlin Barclay



First: “To Forgive” by Jennifer Oldroyd

Second: “Trapped” by Andrew George

Third: “Silent Storms” by Abby Fowler

Honorable Mention: “Firefly” by Evey Wehner

Honorable Mention: “Alone” by Sierra Girard


Spanish Judges:

Maria Garcia Alvarez, Gloria Rivera, Jakob Spjut

English Judges

Scott DeShong, Michelle Jones, Jessica Porzuzcek, Mark Szantyr


QVCC Foundation Recognizes 2020 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to all 2020 QVCC Foundation Scholarship recipients! The QVCC Foundation is pleased to award over $135,000 in scholarships for the 2020-2021 academic school year. Thank you to our all of our donors who continue to support students in Northeast Connecticut and allow them the opportunity to receive an excellent education at QVCC.

While we are unable to congratulate our scholarship winners in person at our annual Scholarship Night, we are excited to announce this years recipients:

A.L. Simonds Memorial Scholarship        

Marshal Gohn
Jaylen Brinson
Julia Christensen

Alice and Lionel Romney Memorial Scholarship

Katherine Soto

Altrusa International of Northeastern Connecticut Scholarship

Yasmin Garcia

Archambault-Beauchamp Scholarship

Isabelle Croke
Katherine Soto

BankHOMETOWN Scholarship (Returning Student)

Breana Weidele
Brandon Steen
Natalia Reali
Shelby Pendleton
Hayley Kuhn
Lauryn Hart
Kevin Champagne
Kristina Dyba
Christiana Filbert
Allison Hall

BankHOMETOWN Scholarship (Transferring Student)

Korrin Durning
William Hamill
Kate Crescenzo

Barbara Morowski Memorial Scholarship

Hunter Caldwell

Betty and Newell Hale Scholarship

Rowan Coleman
Julia Boyce

Burke Memorial Scholarship

Garcia  Yasmin

David and Nancy Bull Scholarship

Olha Lacasse

David T. Britland Memorial Scholarship

Aaron Blanchflower

Day Kimball Healthcare Scholarship

Tarryn Desrosiers

Demers Family Scholarship

Cyd Marie Valentin Padua

Dr. Carlee R. and Michael J. Drummer President’s Scholarship

Michael Guilmette

Dr. Ellis A. and Shirley L. Hagstrom Memorial Scholarship

Samantha Pultz

Dr. Frank Aleman Scholarship

Joshua Sandage

Dr. Lynn Pasquerella ’78 and John Kuchle Scholarship

Maricela Concepcion Pabon

Dr. Robert E. and Sylvia M. Miller Scholarship

Caitlin Baer

Elizabeth Czepiel Memorial Scholarship

Juan Ajqui

Emil and Alice Miller Memorial Scholarship

Jaylen Brinson

George and Demeter Lakatzis Scholarship

Isabelle Croke

Haines Family Scholarship

Caroline Hamill

Hans Langhammer Scholarship

Alexa Michalski

Jeanne L. Zesut Northeastern Connecticut Human Resources Association Scholarship

Marisol Prather

Jewett City Savings Bank Scholarship

Kenneth Adams

Joan Dash Scholarship

Anjuli Pickett

Joan F. Golrick Memorial Scholarship

Madison Tatro

John J. “Bud” Keenan Memorial Scholarship

Ismail Ahmed Kiani

John J. Sarnowski Memorial Scholarship

Brandon Johnson

Kathleen A. Russell Memorial Scholarship

Shania Scharlack

Keith John Kipper Memorial Scholarship

Mirabelle Bates

Killingly Brooklyn Rotary Scholarship

Brianna Worden

LiR Scholarship, In Memory of Dr. Robert E. Miller

Colby Bodo
Aaron Blanchflower

Maria Angelos and George Lakatzis Scholarship

India McDermott Arriola

Mary Espinola Memorial Scholarship

Brian (Brittney) Montpelier-Gomes

May and Frank Messinger Memorial Scholarship

Stacie Digby

Michael F. Davis Memorial Scholarship

Carlos Poch

Moumouris Dykstra Family Scholarship

Madeline Whitten

Norma and David Senger Family Scholarship

Jordan Keith

Northeast Connecticut Arts Council Scholarship

Isabella Donaldson
Zia Donais

Northeast Opportunities for Wellness Norman Corriveau Scholarship

Jared Green

Northeastern Connecticut Chamber of Commerce Scholarship

Erin Lannon
Lidia Korytkowska

Putnam Rotary Gerry Cotnoir Scholarship

Tarryn Desrosiers

Rhoda L. and David T. Chase Academic Scholarship

Sylwia Helwig

Rhoda L. and David T. Chase Motivation Scholarship

Luke Norman

Richard C. Berry & Louise S. Berry Scholarship

Garrett Sward

Rooke-Norman Women’s Opportunity Scholarship

Grace Renee Terwilliger

Rose Bove La Rose and Normand O. La Rose Scholarship

Angelica Villafane

Rotaract Mal Schumann Memorial Scholarship

Desiree Grochowski

Ryan S. Doyle Memorial Scholarship

Paige Anne Audet
Rachel Vertefeuille
Abena Adjei
Jacob Orowson
Michaela Marshall

Savings Institute Bank and Trust Scholarship

Cristal Alvarez
Eryka Gomez-Garcia

Sommer Family Scholarship

Yaned Perez

Spirol International Corporation Scholarship

Amanda Champagne
Jesse Paprota

Steven and Marjolaine ’87, ’88 Townsend Business Scholarship

Bernardo Barron
Diana Cone
Kyla Atwood
Ethan Bibeau
Desiree Grochowski
Joshua Sandage
Hannah LaRose
Jordan Keith
Manuel Velasquez
Cade Wolak

Steven and Marjolaine ’87, ’88 Townsend Fine Arts Scholarship

Jaimie Lohman
Paul Brisson
Mandi Beckman
Carlos  Poch
Rebeca Burnham

Steven and Marjolaine ’87, ’88 Townsend Liberal Arts and Sciences Scholarship

Cyd Marie Valentin Padua
Taylor Copeland
Mya Windrow
Brianna Worden
Jordan Alexander
Ashley Bonnette
Kerra Kendall
Victoria Dejesus
Myia Harris
Courtney Robicheau
Seth Benoit

Steven and Marjolaine ’87, ’88 Townsend Putnam High School

Matthew Chzaszcz
Janete  Morente-Uz
Niajah  DeWolfe
Hannah Smith

Thompson Lions Club Scholarship

Sylwia Helwig

Tracy Thompson Memorial Scholarship

Natalie Ionkin

United Natural Foods Scholarship

Kerryann Frenier
Jazmin Daley

Virginia A. ’78 and Thomas E. Moumouris Scholarship

Stephanie Feliciano

W.H.G. Herklots Family Scholarship

Ruth Soderberg
Abigail Spiewakowski
Erika Rivera

William and Dorothy St. Onge Memorial Scholarship

Emily Keeling

The Elizabeth Espitia-Perez and Walter J. Hines Scholarship

Maricela Concepcion Pabon

The Helena B. Witkowski Memorial Scholarship

Chiricahua Cochise
Adrianna Aubin