Tackle the Trail Returns to Northeast CT on October 15th

Tackle the Trail ESL team Tackle the Trail JR Tackle the Trail photo1

On Saturday, October 15th, runners from twenty-one states and two countries will take part in Tackle the Trail™, a trail race along the scenic Airline Trail in Northeast Connecticut. Tackle the Trail™ embodies the idea of a community event with 150 volunteers supporting a course that runs through the towns of Windham, Pomfret and Putnam, CT. Celebrating its ninth year, this annual event features marathon, half-marathon, and relay team options, as well as TackleJR, a half-mile youth race that ends at the official Tackle the Trail finish line.

Individuals and up to 5-person relay teams will enjoy the quiet solitude of nature with bursts of energetic and supportive volunteers at 4 relay stations during this point-to-point race. Individual runners can choose between the marathon and half-marathon course options for a fun and challenging experience with mixed terrain including some single-track technical sections. In addition to prizes for the top runners in each event, all finishers will receive race medals, complimentary food, and free beverages from brews sponsor Michelob Ultra. Following the finish line festival, runners are encouraged to explore the quaint but lively communities of Northeast CT, including the many fall festivals that coincide with race weekend.

Tackle the Trail™ serves as a major fundraiser for the Quinebaug Valley Community College Foundation and benefits students attending the Danielson and Willimantic campuses of Quinebaug Valley Community College. This cause, coupled with the event’s promotion of wellness, attracts the support of many sponsors on the local and national level. Race sponsor Whitcraft Group has supported the event since its inception in 2014 and has demonstrated the company’s commitment to employee health and wellness, with over 200 employees participating in the race over the event’s nine years. Community and youth wellness is also a motivator for TackleJR sponsor the Newell D. Hale Foundation, a charitable body known for their support of access to healthy activities and education for children. Sponsor support like this ensures healthier communities and future Tackle the Trail™ runners for generations to come.

Those interested in running at this year’s Tackle the Trail™ are encouraged to sign up before the registration deadline of September 25. For more information or to register, visit tacklethetrail.org.

Monique Wolanin
Race Director
742 Upper Maple Street
Danielson, CT 06239
(860) 932-4174

The QVCC Foundation Mission is to raise funds, so all residents of northeast Connecticut have the opportunity to attend QVCC regardless of income and to support educational excellence, technological advancement, and professional development at the College. The Foundation also serves as the Regional Advisory Council to the College.  


Earth Day at QVCC

Earth Day Group Photo

On Monday, we will be hosting our annual Earth Day celebration on campus! From 11-2 there will be activities for students to participate in to learn more about Earth Day. When students make a pledge and write it on the Earth Day Pledge Board, they will receive a free Earth Day t-shirt!

Flower Planting

There will be free food as well, hot dogs, hamburgers, and ice cream from We-Li-Kit Farm. We will have a couple vendors and you can plant your own flower in a QV mug to take home with you!

Trash to Treasure

My favorite part of the Earth Day celebration is the Trash to Treasure tables. People can bring in items to donate and on Earth Day we put out all the items and they are open for people to take for free! If you have items that you would like to donate, the collection is happening today in Room C127 at the Danielson campus from 12-6. I love being able to purge and get rid of the things that I don’t need or use anymore and the bonus is that I can find something that I really love for free in exchange! Don’t miss the Earth Day celebration on Monday, see you there!

Get Involved!

QVCC Acapella

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to sing with the Acappella club at Voices in Concert. The event was a fundraiser for the QVCC Foundation and also Killingly High School. The show was packed with talented performers from our community. The Foundation also held a silent auction which helped to raise even more money for student scholarships at QVCC. One of the reasons that I love QVCC so much is the amazing support that we receive from our community and Saturday was another great example of that, over 800 people showed up to support the event.

Get Involved

I have been involved in different groups on campus since I started here at QV but this is my first semester with the Acappella club. I have really enjoyed singing with this group and have been able to learn a lot. Getting involved on campus is a great way to make the most of your time at QVCC. While you may not get the same experience as a 4 year school because students don’t live on campus, getting involved in clubs and other student groups gives you a chance to meet new people and try different things that you may not have done before. I have been singing my whole life but I have never sang acappella before. Even though it’s my last semester I am still glad that I was able to join this group and try something new.

If you haven’t joined a club on campus yet, you should check out our club list and find a group that interests you! We have many groups meeting regularly and we are always adding to the list. Not seeing something that interests you? Start your own club! It’s really easy to do and I’m sure you will find others on campus who are interested in joining. All you have to do is find the president and treasurer of the club and ask a faculty or staff member to be your club advisor. Once you have those people, fill out the club form, come to a Student Government meeting and you’re official! Get involved and make the most of your college experience here at QVCC!

Beating the Mid-Semester Slump

sleeping puppy

So, we are just over halfway through the semester and I don’t know how about you but I’m feeling just like this puppy. It seems like every time this point in the semester comes around, I lose motivation and forget what I’m working towards. I am exhausted, crazy busy, and I can’t find time to do anything for myself. I start the semester on a positive note, attending all my classes, taking really thorough notes, and even trying to get ahead. Then spring break rolls around and I get a little taste of freedom from classes and coming back to school to continue the semester feels almost impossible. I lose my momentum and procrastination becomes my best friend and I just can’t help myself from wondering when will the semester end.

Sound familiar? I’m sure we’ve all been there. So, I put together a list of ways to beat the mid-semester slump so you can refocus and get back to working toward your goals.

relax, refresh, recharge

Get Outside!

It’s finally starting to warm up, go soak up some sun! Even if it’s just for a little bit during a break between classes, go get some fresh air and take a break. Refocus and relax for a few, then you can get back to work with a clear head.


List Important Dates

This helps me to visualize the rest of the semester and know what I need to be prepared for. Most professors will let you know the big projects or exams that will be due ahead of time so it’s good to write all these down. Keep them in a place where you will see them often! If you hang them on the wall above your desk or somewhere that you will be reminded frequently of the due dates, it will help you feel like you know what’s coming and you can be better prepared for the end of the semester.


Talk to the Pros

If you are struggling in a class and feel like you can’t grasp a concept, go talk to your professor! They are more than willing to sit down with you and try to work out what the problem is so that you will be successful. I have found that QV professors are especially good about doing this because they want you to succeed! You just have to ask for help.


Get enough sleep!

Sleep is important! Make sure that you aren’t depriving yourself of the sleep that you need in order to get all your work done. I know that a lot of people stay up late studying and then wake up early to go to class or work but making sure that you are sleeping is vital to your success. If you are exhausted and not able to focus in classes then you won’t be able to learn what you need to. It will be more difficult to get your motivation back and not procrastinate if you aren’t getting enough sleep.

Don't Give Up!

Remember your goals

Don’t forget what you are working so hard for. We all have goals and dreams for our lives and being a student is going to help achieve those goals. Don’t let the weight of the semester get to you so much that you can’t see what you are achieving. Make sure that you remember what you want and what you need to do to get there.


Baugstock 2019!

Students at Baugstock

It’s that time of year again! We are planning Baugstock 2019! We have the bands lined up but we are looking for vendors and activities. Do you have a talent for crafting and would like to share? We would love to have you! We are going to hold a craft and activities fair for the first couple hours of the event. We are also looking for other vendors to come and sell any items that you’d like. We have had people sell their art, photography, jewelry, handmade items, and more!

Sybil Disobedience

We will have Sybil Disobedience as our headlining band this year! They are a Rock Dance Cover Band from Rhode Island and have won the Best Local Band from the Providence Journal for 5 years running. We can’t wait for them to join us this year! We will also have student groups and local bands. The Infinite Groove will be joining us again this year as well!

The Infinite Groove

Stay tuned for more details of bands, vendors, food trucks, and more! If you are interested in getting involved with the planning process, our planning meetings are Wednesdays and Thursdays at noon in the cafeteria! Hope to see you there!

The Dark Art of Procrastination

procrastination definition

Procrastination is something that I have mastered! Throughout my time at QV, I have told myself many times that I will not procrastinate. I always start out a semester with setting goals and expectations for myself so that I can avoid procrastinating my schoolwork or other tasks that I have. But even with those goals and expectations, it never fails that I procrastinate something throughout the semester. I think that this is something all college students struggle with. No matter how good of a student you are, you can still procrastinate, and I’m sure that you do.

Procrastination Cycle

I get stuck in the cycle of telling myself, “I can do this later.” Then later turns into tomorrow, which turns into the next day, which turns into me panicking and franticly trying to finish my homework assignment the night before it’s due after having two weeks to work on it.

So, because this a topic so many of us can relate to, I thought I would give you a couple tips on how to combat procrastination. Hopefully this will help you to stop putting things off until the last minute and in turn, help you relax a little bit when it comes to meeting your deadlines.

Do a little bit of the task now

If I can just start something, I recognize that it is not as difficult as I’d like to make it seem. Like most people, I have a way of psyching myself out and discouraging myself because I think it’s going to be difficult or too time consuming. But if I just spend even a few minutes looking over an assignment, or starting to jot down ideas for a paper, I realize that I’ve made a mountain out of a molehill. Once you start something, your brain will continue to think about it and it will be easier to finish.

Prioritize your task list

Prioritize your to do list

If you take the time to write down your to do list, in order of importance, then you can refer back to remember what is most important. Then you can start with the more difficult tasks first and get those things out of the way right off the bat. If you can get the more difficult things accomplished first, the simpler tasks will seem and you will be less likely to put things off.

Create an environment that promotes productivity

Coffee Shop Studying

This is a big one for me when I’m really trying to focus on something. Most of the time I will try to study somewhere that isn’t my house. If I am home I get distracted and start to think about all the things that I need or want to do there and I procrastinate the more important tasks. My favorite places to study are at the coffee shop, library, or outside. I also put my phone away! This is really difficult for some people, but your phone is a huge distraction. Try putting your phone on airplane mode, putting it in your backpack, or turning it on silent – whatever you need to do, just do it. Scrolling through Instagram or checking Snapchat will not make your to-do list any shorter and will most likely cause more stress in the long run. Once I put my phone away, I can put in my headphones and then just bust out all my work.

Set attainable deadlines

If you give yourself deadlines that are short and attainable then it will help to make your tasks seem easier to tackle. For example, if you are assigned a five-page research paper and you have two weeks to complete it, try completing it in increments. Set a goal of having your research finished within the first five days. Then set a deadline for having your outline done. Once you have your outline, give yourself a day or two to get your first draft done. That way by the end of the two weeks you have broken the process down into segments and you are able to feel less stressed the night before the paper is due.

Chalkboard drawing - now or later

Hopefully these things help you in learning to not procrastinate, I know they help me! Try to set some goals for yourself for the rest of the semester that will encourage you to be productive. That way, when the end of the semester rolls around, you are feeling prepared and ready for finals, rather than feeling panicked. Good luck!

Tips to Succeed in the First Week

I can’t believe Spring Semester is already here! Whether you’re a new student or returning after a much-needed winter break, everyone should take advantage of the opportunity to start fresh. Although this is my last semester here at QVCC, I’m excited to share a few tips on how I set myself up for success each semester.


Get Organized

Getting organized is always my go-to method to being successful. A quick and simple way to plan is to make a list of the classes you’ll be taking and write down the supplies you’ll need for each (notebooks, loose leaf paper, pens, highlighters, etc.). Personally, I like to keep my supplies organized – normally color coded – so that I don’t have to scramble to find something last minute for a class.

Planners are also a huge help. I am a person who uses one religiously. It’s a really helpful and easy way to keep track of homework assignments, appointments, work schedules, and to-do lists all in one place. Plus, it feels great to cross things off at the end of the day. (It’s the little things…right?) If you are someone who easily forgets what you have going on, get a planner!

Develop Attainable Goals

Developing goals is key to keeping yourself on track and knowing what you want to get out of the semester. The goals that you set can be small or large but they need to be realistic. For example, a small attainable goal could be something like having good attendance in all of your classes or turning in your homework assignments on time. A large attainable goal could be getting a certain grade in a class, or participating every day during class time, which can be intimidating for some students. Be specific about your goals though. If your goal is to participate during class time, you should say, “I’m going to raise my hand at least once during class.”

Write your goals down! Having goals for the semester and checking in on them throughout the semester will keep you on task and remind you what you are working for.

Student and Professor

Make Connections With Your Professors

A good way to start the semester is to make connections with each of your professors in the very beginning. That way, they know who you are and know that you are invested in their class. It’s a great opportunity to make a good impression right off the bat so that the professor can remember you. Once you develop a connection with a professor, it makes it easier to ask for help, participate in class, and enjoy what you’re learning.

Self care

Schedule “Me Time”

Scheduling time for yourself is crucial to keeping your stress levels low and keeping yourself focused. As college students, it can be hard to prioritize your own self-care on top of your academics, work, and extracurriculars. Self-care prioritizes your mental, emotional, and physical health – you can choose which ones you may need to concentrate more on. If going to the gym every afternoon makes you feel less stressed, then do it! If a cup of tea helps you to wind down at night, then try that! Maintaining these habits gives you something to look forward to every day and keeps you in a routine, which is always a bonus.

Tips to Study for Finals

Finals week is just around the corner and I don’t know about everyone else but it’s my least favorite time of the semester. I have 4 exams to take and it’s always so overwhelming trying to figure out how to study for all of them at the same time.

So, I put together a list of my favorite study tips that will hopefully help you prepare for next week.

Just start

The first step is to just sit down, get focused, and start! This is sometimes the hardest part, but you can do it! Just get started!

Make a study schedule…and stick to it!

This one is hard for me because of my busy schedule. But if you plan out all of your study sessions, for ALL of your exams, you will be able to see exactly what your work load looks like. I like to make a to do list of all of my work and then decide when I’m going to study for each exam and what I’m planning to focus on during that study session. It’s easier if you break up your cumulative exam materials into smaller study categories then you don’t feel like you have to memorize all of the information at one time. Use your phone calendar or set a reminder so that you can stick to your plan!

Distraction free zone

Turn off your phone, TV, and other notifications so you can focus. Manage your anxiety with calming music and focus on what you need to get done. Make sure you get up and stretch and breathe so you can avoid getting stressed and negative thoughts.

Color code it! (My favorite study method)

Come up with a system to color code what is going to be on your exam and mark what is most important, less important, etc. Then you can focus on what you really need to study and not be as distracted by all the other material.

Reorganize your notes

After color coding everything, I like to reorganize my notes that way I can see only what I need to study. Outline your important concepts, formulas, dates, and definitions so they are in words that are easy for you to understand.

Read it. Write it. Say it.

This method is what helps me the most. First, I go back and read through my notes, then I write down important things over and over until I feel like I can write from memory, then I say it out loud to solidify it in my brain. I am a visual learner so the writing is what helps me more than anything but the repetition is good to help you remember important concepts. This is especially helpful for memorizing definitions.

Quiz yourself

Once you feel you have the important concepts down, quiz yourself. You can do this by making flash cards or simply looking at your notes and asking yourself questions and checking your answers. It can also be helpful if someone else quizzes you so you can’t see the answers!

Explain it to someone

If you need one more method to make sure that you know the information you should try explaining it and teaching it to someone. I do this with some of my friends in my math classes. I know that I have a concept down if I can explain a formula or concept to someone clearly so that they can understand. This also helps to work out any problems that you may be having in completely understanding a formula, if you can talk it through with other classmates it’s easier to remember.

Take five

Pace yourself! Studying for hours on end without a break is counterproductive because you just tire yourself out. Take a break to improve your concentration when you get back to it. Veg out and watch an episode of your favorite TV show then get back on task. Don’t burn yourself out!

Brain food is real

Make sure you’re keeping yourself fed and hydrated so that your brain can keep firing on all cylinders. This will keep you focused and ready to absorb as much information as possible.

Fall Festival

Last Wednesday, Fall Festival was held on the Danielson campus by the Student Government Association (SGA) and it was a huge success! Events like Fall Festival are fun but SGA has a lot of planning to do so thanks to everyone who showed up.

We had a variety of activities and things for students to take home with them. One of my favorite give aways was the QV mason jar mugs from the President’s Office! Look at these!

One of the staples of Fall Festival is The Big Green Pizza Truck so we brought it back again this year. The artisan pizza is always sooo good and they cook as much as all the students can eat! Check out some photos I got of the truck and students enjoying their pizza.

We also got to have Cedar Knoll Farms back on campus with their two beautiful horses who gave wagon rides to students. This is always a big hit!


What did you guys think of Fall Festival? Were you able to make it? We had a great day with yummy food, fun activities, and more! It’s always a nice break from the craziness of the first month of school. I know it’s one of my favorite events of the fall semester. I’m obsessed with fall!


Introducing … Thriving in Chaos!

Did you know that 41% of community college students attend school part-time and work full-time? 22% of students attend school full-time and also work full-time! Whether you are a student attending full-time or part-time your schedule is probably pretty busy. For me, I’m a full-time student taking 5 classes, and I also work 3 jobs. I have a crazy busy schedule so I understand all the struggles you face as a busy community college student.

I’m Roxy Huckaby and Thriving in Chaos is a blog about my life at QVCC. Anything from student life and student activities to trying to keep up with everything else going on in life, because we all know that sometimes that’s hard. I work in the Student Success Center, I am President of Student Government and I’m also a Student Ambassador. To say the least, life is crazy!

It’s been a pretty long week for me, what about you?