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Here at QV we offer a wide  variety of introductory and secondary level biology courses to include anatomy and physiology and microbiology as well as an associate degree program in Technology Studies with a focus on Biomolecular Science.

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This option will create a new area of emphasis for the College of Technology, providing an area of specialty for students who wish to go into a biomolecular science career as a laboratory technician and/or pursue a baccalaureate degree through the Pathways program at Central Connecticut State University in Biomolecular Sciences. The associate’s degree can also serve as a career-oriented degree for students who choose to enter the workforce in various laboratory environments such as an academic research laboratory, environmental laboratory, or medical laboratory.

In addition to the outcomes listed for the Technology Studies degree, students who complete the Biomolecular Science Option will:

–  Understand and apply the scientific method;
–  Comprehend and apply basic techniques of scientific investigation;
–  Complete laboratory analyses, compile data, and construct technical reports;
–  Understand the classifications of organisms in the six kingdoms;
–  Complete a systematic study of human anatomy and physiology;
–  Understand and apply the principles of microbiology;
–  Understand the principles and implications of genetics and research.

This degree program is a part of CSCU’s College of Technology (COT), an innovative pathway program which allows a student to complete an associate’s degree in technology studies with the ultimate goal of earning a four-year baccalaureate degree from a sponsoring university such as ECSU, CCSU, SCSU, UCONN, UNH, and the University of Hartford.

For more information, contact Professor Jakob Spjut.


Career Outlook

The job outlook for Life, Physical and Social Science occupations is expected to grow about as fast as average through 2029.
The job outlook for Healthcare occupations is expected to grow much faster than average through 2029.

Job Salary

Life, Physical and Social Science occupation is $69,760
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical occupations is $41,950.
Healthcare Support occupation is $29,960

Becoming Connecticut State Community College

STUDENTS: The Community Colleges are undergoing a merger with a plan to become Connecticut State Community College in fall 2023; please work closely with your advisor/program coordinator to select your courses accordingly. Click here for more details about this merger.