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Student Clubs

Recent Clubs

Are you a member of a club from last year and want to renew for the 2020-2021 school year? Please contact Kevin Davis to begin.

American Sign Language (ASL) Club

Learn more about the deaf community, practice and learn sign language and help to increase awareness of ASL. Please email Becky Haines for more information.

Astronuts Club

Observe and explore the universe in a fun and exciting atmosphere. If interested, please contact Nikole Giovinazzo.

Ceramics Club

Ceramics Club brings like-minded people together to create and inspire with artistic collaborations. If interested, please contact David Sullivan.


A caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. This club is still forming. Interested students can contact Michelle Jones for more information.

Early Childhood Education Club

ECE Club provides an environment for ECE students to gather and discuss topics related to the field and build a professional foundation by strengthening our commitment to the communities and families they serve. Faculty advisor: Cynthia Shirshac.

Effective Altruism Club

Raise money for charities with high levels of return on investment for the people receiving aid. If interested, please contact Jayne Battye.

Fireside Chat (Podcast)

A podcast that highlights students, faculty and all things QVCC. If interested, please contact Brian Kaufman.

GI Guardians

GI Guardians is the organization aims to assist Veterans and Armed Service Members in our community and our college. Faculty advisor: Annie Hill.

Lunchtime Jams

Stop by the Fireside Lounge on Wednesdays at noon to listen to live music performed by students, faculty and staff. Anyone is welcome to perform as well. Faculty advisor: Jakob Spjut.

Math Club

To encourage QVCC students to pursue mathematics outside of the classroom and open up new math-related opportunities. If interested, please contact Kudzai Zvoma.

Psychology Club

This organization is comprised of students who are interested in exploring psychology, the fundamentals of the human mind, and human behavior by conducting research and attending professional conferences.  Please contact faculty advisor Ling-chuan Chu.

QVCC Student Republicans

The mission of the QVCC Student Republicans is to expose students to the Republican party and the conservative philosophy via discussion and debate. Interested students can contact Jennifer Green for more information.

Robotics Club

To explore advancements in robotic engineering by actually creating innovative, mechanical robots for regional competition. Tuesdays at 12pm in W205. Faculty advisor Jakob Spjut.

Tea Society

Join the Quinebaug Valley Tea Society to explore, enjoy, and share different styles of tea. Share education and information regarding the vast world of tea, and learn about the history, culture, varieties, methods of preparation. Please contact Ling-chuan Chu if interested.

Table Top Games

Casual group that plays tabletop games and provides a gathering place for various hobbies. Faculty advisor: Jakob Spjut.

Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA)

SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Alliance) seeks to help and support the LGBTQIA community and teach about sexuality and gender. Interested students can contact advisor Kevin Davis.

Former Clubs

If you are interested in re-forming any of the following clubs, please contact Kevin Davis.

A Capella Club

The A Capella Club inspires students to work together to produce beautiful and challenging compositions of modern songs through the power of their voices. If interested, please contact Elle-Jordyn Goslin.

Art Club

You don’t need to be an art major to participate in this club; you simply need to have an interest in photography, studio art, sculpture, graphic art and art history. It’s about sharing ideas, personal materials and inspiration. Events include open mic, studio art night and gallery visits. For more information contact faculty advisor Annie Joly.

Athletic Club

Play some pickup basketball or volleyball weekly with your peers at the gymnasium in room 1033. This club is not currently active. If you are interested in getting it started, please contact Amanda Giles.

Billiards Club

Make friends and play pool! Meetings are every Tuesday at 4pm in the cafeteria. Contact Kevin Davis for more information.

Foreign Language Club

To promote an atmosphere for club members and all other students to broaden their knowledge of the Latin/Hispanic culture. Faculty advisor: Elkin Espitia-Loaiza.

Philosophy Club

The purpose of the Philosophy Club is to examine and explore concepts, issues, and controversy in both Western and Non-Western philosophy, and their philosophical relations to everyday life. Faculty advisor: Mark Lowe.

QVCC Outdoors Recreational Adventure Club

The mission of this group is to provide educational and character development experience and use the outdoors to provide mental, physical and emotional well being. Some of the outdoor activities will include walking, hiking, climbing, and sledding. If you are interested in getting it started, please contact Monique Wolanin.

Quinebaug Inquirer

The Quinebaug Inquirer is a publication dedicated to providing a voice for students at QVCC. The Quinebaug Inquirer will publish student articles and editorials, and will provide a forum for students to showcase their artwork to those who otherwise might not see it. Additionally, we will offer important information to the students. Faculty advisor: Brian Kaufman.

Soccer Team

Join our team! Co-ed intramural soccer team that plays at an indoor facility on Friday nights in Norwich, CT. Practices are at Owen Bell Park. Interested students can contact Amanda Giles.

Honor Societies


Alpha Beta Gamma

Engineering & Technology

Epsilon Pi Tau

Human Services

Tau Upsilon Alpha

Official Community College Honor Society

Phi Theta Kappa

Upcoming Activities


Didn’t find something that interests you? Contact Kevin Davis about creating a new club!