Affirmative Action Hiring Goals for FY16 and FY17

Contact Information

Paul Martland
Dean of Administration, Human Resources Director, Title IX Coordinator, EEO Officer, and ADA Compliance Officer
860.932.4124, Room C225


Executive/Managerial/Administrative:Cumulative goal of one (1) black female
Cumulative goal of one (1) white male
Professional / Faculty:Two (2) black females
One (1) Hispanic females
Two (2) Other males
Professional / Non-faculty:Two (2) black females
Two (2) white males
One (1) Hispanic male
One (1) Other male
Secretarial / Clerical:Cumulative goal of (1) black female
Technical / Paraprofessional:No goals established
Service / Maintenance:One (1) Hispanic female
One (1) white male
Cumulative goal of one (1) black male