Transcript Evaluation

Transfer Credit Evaluation

If you are pursuing a degree at QVCC and interested in receiving credit for previous college experience(s), military experience, or various credits by exam, a sealed, official transcript must be sent to the QVCC Admissions Office.  Students requesting transfer credit must also fill out the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request form. An official transfer credit evaluation will be completed after you have been accepted and matriculated into the college.

  • Transfer credit may be granted for comparable courses completed at accredited colleges and universities in which a student has received a grade of “C-” or better, or with a grade of “P” (pass).
  • Credit courses will only be accepted for credit, and letter grades assigned by other institutions will not be recorded or included in computations of student grade point averages.
  • Degree credit shall be granted for credit courses from regionally accredited collegiate institutions. Regional accreditation includes Middle States, New England, Northwest, Southern, Western, and Higher Learning Commission.
  • Proficiency exams, including CLEP and AP exams can also be transferred for credit.
  • Veterans also may attain credit from military training, education, and M.O.S. qualifications as recommended in the American Council on Education Guide to Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services.
  • Degree credit will be granted for all credit courses that apply to your current degree program or certificate at QVCC.
  • “In Progress” credits cannot be transferred. If you have completed these courses, please send us a final transcript, with the grades received, so that they can be considered for credit.

It is not necessary to submit an official college transcript if a student is not pursuing a degree or certificate program at QVCC.

Graduation Requirement for transfer credits

Regardless of the number of transfer credits that are accepted from other colleges, a student must complete at least twenty-five percent of the minimum credit requirements for their program of study at QVCC to meet our graduation residency requirement.

Up to fifty percent of your degree or certificate program requirements can be nontraditional credits (Credit for Prior Learning/Portfolio Assessment, CLEP, AP, and Military).

Viewing Your Transcript Evaluation

Transcripts are evaluated on a rolling basis. Once evaluated, you may view your transfer credits on myCommNet. We will also send a copy of your transfer evaluation to your college email address.