QVCC Offers New Online Performing Arts Courses this Fall

This fall, Quinebaug Valley Community College is pleased to offer several new and exciting Performing Arts courses—all live online experiences from the comfort of your living room. Students can now earn college credit while having fun in classes like dance, guitar, and theatrical improvisation.

Movement as Creative Expression explores the elements of dance including classical and contemporary technique, choreography/composition, and performance. Students will engage with technical dance genres, participate in creative choreography, and work on collaborative projects.

Tap Dance is a percussive form of dance utilizing time, weight, coordination, speed, and rhythm. Students will gain an awareness of tap techniques, its origins, impact, and evolution. Both dances classes are a fun way to get a good workout from the comfort of the living room.

Guitar I and Guitar II courses encourage students to rock the guitar this fall. Both classes provide a basic foundation in guitar playing and musicianship. Guitar I is geared to students with no previous experience in the guitar or general music. Literacy in guitar notation and tab reading, and basic rhythms and chords will be developed. Guitar II is for students who have some experience with the guitar, know a few chords, and feel ready to take their playing to the next level.

Improvisation, also known as the “Yes, and” performing art form, is based on theatrical games where actors create scenes and characters on the spot. Employed by business leaders and professionals in all industries, improv training sharpens the mind and helps shy people learn to socialize as they tap their comedic impulses. This online course is for all students, including those new to improvisation, as well as those familiar with establishing support, trust, initiation, agreement, and the other tools used by those skillful improvisers seen on TV shows like SNL and Whose Line is It, Anyway?

Dance classes are taught by Nichola Johnson, a choreographer who holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College. Johnson’s approach to education empowers the student to master technical elements and develop a rich personal style. Nichola is the Founder/Director of The Complex Performing and Creative Arts Centre in Northeastern Connecticut and serves on the faculties of many high school and college performing arts departments.

Guitar is taught by Chris Monti, a professional musician teaching guitar and playing music professionally for over 15 years. His eclectic style embraces rock & roll, country-blues, early jazz, and R+B. Singing and playing electric guitar and harmonica in several bands, he leads The Chris Monti Band, playing an upbeat mix of original dance music along with West African and Caribbean songs, and is a member of The Devilfish, a power trio dance band covering surf, mambo, cumbia, punk, blues, boogie and Latin pop.

Improvisation acting is taught by Tom Epstein, a performer who trained at NY-based Upright Citizens Brigade. Epstein is a house-team performer, coach, and instructor at P.I.G. (Providence Improv Guild, and an educator with degrees from Emerson College.

For more information regarding the Performing Arts courses, please contact Brian Kaufman at

The first day of fall semester begins on Wednesday, August 26. To apply to the College, visit and be sure to apply for Financial Aid. If you need assistance, please email the Admissions Department at and they will be happy to assist you.

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Nichola Johnson
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Chris Monti
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Tom Epstein