Social Sciences/Humanities

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Jayne Battye
Department Chair
Professor of Political Science

Welcome to the QVCC Social Sciences and Humanities Department!

The Social and Behavioral Sciences are part of the core learning experience for most students at QVCC.  They represent areas of learning that help us to understand more deeply the cultural, historical, social, political, and psychological forces that shape our lives.

Through the social and behavioral science courses at the college it is expected that students will be challenged to achieve insights and understandings about “the diversity of human behaviors and cultures as they relate to individual development and group interaction, including key issues of age, class, disability, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation.”  (One of the College’s nine General Education Outcomes.)

Courses include introductory and secondary-level offerings in anthropology, communications, history, humanities, languages, political science, psychology, and sociology.