Associate of Science, Engineering Science

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Engineers are problem solvers who search for quicker, better, and more effective ways to meet today’s challenges. To ‘engineer’ literally means to “make things happen”.  Engineering is about the design and production of useful products and services. Many seemingly simple aspects of our daily lives have been conceptualized, designed and developed by engineers. The diversity of engineering means that whatever your interests, there is probably a role for you working in engineering.


The engineering science degree consists of  general education core and specialized core. Students meeting prerequisites are able to complete the program (65-67 total credits) in 2 years.


As part of the Connecticut College of Technology (COT), the engineering science associate’s degree provides a seamless pathway (with automatic acceptance, full transfer of credit, and junior / third-year status) for graduates who transfer to COT universities including the University of Connecticut, the University of Hartford, Central Connecticut State University, the University of New Haven or Fairfield University.  Please see the QVCC COT Site Coordinator for more details regarding GPA requirements for the COT university partners.

The following survey data is taken directly from the QVCC COT 10-year Program Self Study which was completed and submitted May 21, 2015.

Survey Information:

•Survey Population – all graduates of the COT degrees
•Survey Response Rate – 84%

Survey Results:

•Transfer to four-year university – 81%
•Four-year university major in STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics) – 97%
•Four-year university graduate or still actively pursuing degree – 90%
•Continue onto graduate degree – 15%
•Obtained paid internship – 74%
•Obtain full-time career employment – 19%
•Transfer to four-year university or full-time career employment – 100%

Career Outlook

The job outlook for a Architecture and Engineering occupation is expected to grow about as fast as average through 2030.

 Job Salary

Mean Annual Wage for a Architecture and Engineering Occupations is $83,160.

NASA CT Space Grant Consortium

QVCC is an affiliate member of the NASA CTSGC, students can apply for NASA scholarships and project grants. For more details, contact CTSGC Campus Director: Jakob Spjut

Becoming Connecticut State Community College

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