taylor_webTaylor ’17 – Lebanon, CT

What is your status at the college?

I am in my second year and will be graduating in spring 2017 with an Associates in Liberal Arts and Sciences.  I plan on transferring to Central Connecticut State University to major in their criminology program with a minor in psychology.

Why did you choose to come to QVCC?

I heard nothing but great things about QVCC, which is why I decided to come to school here. I’m not from the area, but I work with people from this area and know people who have attended QVCC.  I also chose to come to QVCC because of the price, great financial aid and grants!

How has the college prepared you for your next step in transferring to a four-year institution?

The college has supported and prepared me in several ways to continue my education.  I have definitely seen the change in myself from when I left high school until now, two years later.  My English classes have prepared me to write better and stronger essays.  Between my teachers and my advisors, they have helped me prepare  for the transfer process and to ensure that my credits are transferable.  When I graduated high school I would’ve said I wasn’t ready for a four-year institution, but now I would say I am definitely ready because of the help I have received from QVCC.

What has been the best part of being a QVCC student?

The best part about being a QVCC student is the opportunities that are provided.  I have had the chance to work with the Psychology Club; I work with the staff from College marketing and the President’s Office.   I’d have to say the best part of being a student here is the teachers that I have had so far.   There are also opportunities to study abroad and many field trips to attend.


Who at the college has been a positive influence on you and why?

Almost all of my teachers so far have been a positive influence on my education.  I still run into and talk to almost all my teachers from last year on a regular basis.  They all go out of their way to see how I am doing.  The professors in the math department – Professor Denise Walsh and Kudzai Zvoma – always check to see how I am doing in my classes and have been a positive influence on me.  Professor Brian Kaufman has also played a major role in helping to improve my writing skills.

What is advice can you give to someone who might be interested in going to college and considering QVCC?

If I were to give any advice to a student, it would be to get to know your teachers and to get involved! Don’t just sit there and listen in class, actually go out of your way to talk to them. You never know where one conversation will lead you. Just by telling someone my major, she introduced me to someone that will now let me volunteer in the courthouse to sit in on different positions that may interest me. Also, take advantage of the learning center. It is there for a reason and can help you with anything you are struggling with.

Share some additional information about yourself.

I ride horses and I am an EMT for Lebanon Volunteer Fire Department.  I also work for the College, Columbia Ford Kia, and on a horse farm in exchange for riding.

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