Alumni Spotlight

Pam Beausoleil ’09

“I’m proud to say I am a QVCC graduate and would definitely encourage anyone thinking about going back to school to consider the benefits community college can offer!”

Rena Masson ’08

“My door is always open to QVCC students and graduates. QVCC helped me to be successful and now hope to return the favor and help local artist pursue their dreams!”

Ryan Rupert ’17

“AMTC helped with my success because it instilled in me a sense of accomplishment. I was going to school, working hard, and creating tangible results that I was proud of.”

Clay Killingsworth ’08

Clay Killingsworth served in the United States Air Force before leaving to pursue his higher education degree.

Mikayla Gagnon ’12

“I chose QVCC because I wanted a college where the professors knew me by name and cared about my success. I started my first semester of Freshmen year at a larger state college and just felt lost. QV provided me with the hands on, personal learning experience that I was looking for.”

Joshua Pratt ’05

“I had to start off slow. I needed small class sizes and professors who could really focus on my learning. QVCC did just that for me. QVCC helped me to refocus and led me to a successful business.”

Devon Harris ’17

“The College has provided me with the skills I need to be successful in the future, opened the door to a variety of experiences and is providing me with opportunities that will benefit me for the rest of my life. Upon graduation, I plan to attend Nichols College and major in Finance.”


Vieng Malingsamay ’19

“I am so thankful for the scholarships I received. It is my goal in life to one day be successful enough to give back to other ESL students and allow them the same opportunities I’ve had.”

Eddie Graff ’13

“QVCC changed my future by giving me the courage to push myself in life. I was able to achieve things far greater than I ever thought possible because of the base QVCC gave me to work off of.”

Chelsea Couzi ’10 ’11

Chelsea chose QVCC so that she could stay local while continuing to work full-time

Kirk Duda ’12

“Working at Seminole State College and meeting the students here reminds me of my time at QVCC. Learning more about what scholarships mean to students and how these opportunities impact their lives, and also the lives of students’ family and friends, keeps me passionate about storytelling in videography.”