Pam Beausoleil ’09

Pam Beausoleil ’09

Owner of Karing 4 Kids Day Care

Pam Beausoleil had a change in her path of life after 22 years of working for the same company. She was married, had two children, and had been a dedicated sales representative at Frito Lay for most of her adult life, when she received an opportunity to leave the company and pursue her passion.

“At the end of every day, I would come home and want to be around kids. I found myself constantly volunteering in my children’s classrooms and I just felt connected to the children. I knew that opening a day care was what I needed to do.”

She immediately started the process of renovating her home to create the perfect space for children and families to come, feel welcomed, and comfortable. 16 years later and Pam is still a successful teacher and business owner of Karing 4 Kids Day Care in Plainfield, CT. She has worked with close to 100 children since opening in 2002. She teaches children from birth to 12 and creates lifelong relationships with each child who has passes through her door.

She started her higher education journey in 2005 when she realized she needed to be more credible at her business so that parents would fully respect her in her position. Pam stated, “If I could go to school all night to learn everything I could about young children. I knew I would stick out to parents. They would know I am dedicated and serious about helping their child learn and grow.” However, at this time in her life she had not been back to school in 30 years! She was extremely intimidated by college because she knew she would have to work hard to catch up with her fellow classmates. Pam studied Early Childhood Education and Business and took every course she could to better herself as a childcare provider and business owner. She worked tirelessly through the day at her day care and all through the night at QVCC all while raising two boys of her own! In 2009, Pam graduated from QVCC as an honors student and member of Phi Theta Kappa Society.

“I’m proud to say I am a QVCC graduate and would definitely encourage anyone thinking about going back to school to consider the benefits a community college can offer!”

“Every class I took at QVCC inspired me. Sue Spencer in particular was the most impactful to my educational and professional growth. She taught me that at the end of the day, if I was teaching my students to be a good friend and a good person, then I was doing the right thing. I still live by that motto today.”

Any individual who has come in contact with Pam Beausoleil cannot deny the love and passion she has for educating young children. She is an inspiration to any child who has had the pleasure of calling her, “Miss. Pam.”