Breanna Boyden

Breanna Boyden ‘08

Breanna Boyden graduated from Quinebaug Valley Community College in 2008. Breanna was recruited into the QVCC Foundation shortly after graduation by Monique Wolanin. Breanna’s hard work, determination, and energy does not go unnoticed and was recognized as someone who would be a great asset to the QVCC Foundation.  We are thankful that she agreed to bring her skills and her time to the Foundation.

Breanna continues to grow in her professional career daily. She received her B.S from Cornell University and is currently working towards her MBA at Worchester Poly Tech Institute. She also works on the Global Marketing Team at Rogers Corporation. Though she has a packed schedule, she still chooses to dedicate much of her time to the QVCC Foundation. It is important for Breanna to give back to the college that was so detrimental to her own life. Breanna was the co-chair of the scholarship committee for the QVCC Foundation and decided to become involved with the committee because of her own scholarships she received through QVCC.

“I believe strongly in the QVCC Foundation’s mission. The people on the Foundation do all they can do to help QVCC students and that is something I truly admire. I feel it is important to give back to the institution that was instrumental to my success.”