Alumni Spotlight – Ryan Rupert

Ryan Rupert received his certificate from the Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Center (AMTC) in 2017. Ryan learned about the about the program from a radio advertisement and immediately took interest in learning more about what the AMTC had to offer. After one visit on campus, a tour of the new facility, and Director Steve LaPointe’s slide show, he stated, “Yup, I’m doing this!”

This facility provides hands-on learning opportunities for students and also serves as a location for area manufacturers with customized training needs. Ryan was a part of the first class who received their certificate in the new 10, 00 square foot AMTC. Ryan was always interested in learning about the creation and innovation of how stuff works and the AMTC allowed him the knowledge and the skills to not only understand the technology and designs of products but to make them better!

Before Ryan began his career pathway in manufacturing he was working as a custodian but knew he wanted to be in a job where he felt passion and fulfillment daily in the work he was doing. When he started his training with AMTC he had never seen a blueprint before. The AMTC taught him how to interpret and create real life drawings into blueprints. Ryan explained that the program is helpful to anyone looking for a career in manufacturing/technology because it teaches you the basics of everything, “…from tool making, measuring, operating, or programming we learned the basics of everything you need to know in our courses.” When he entered his job interviews he was able to list off his impressive skills sets through the knowledge he gained from his amazing professors and classes he took at QVCC’s Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Center.

Ryan now has a position at Pratt and Whitney and hopes to continue to grow in the company. He plans to receive his Associates in Advanced Manufacturing from QVCC and then go on to receive a B.S in Metallurgy from UCONN. Ryan states that the Advanced Manufacturing program at QVCC changed his life. If it were not for the program he would not be where he is today.

“AMTC helped with my success because it instilled in me a sense of accomplishment. I was going to school, working hard, and creating tangible results that I was proud of.”

“I would recommend this program to anyone who enjoys the physical aspect of learning but also likes a mental challenge. You will create something that you are proud of. In my eyes, you’re essentially getting paid to play with Legos, what can be better!?”

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