Beating the Mid-Semester Slump

sleeping puppy

So, we are just over halfway through the semester and I don’t know how about you but I’m feeling just like this puppy. It seems like every time this point in the semester comes around, I lose motivation and forget what I’m working towards. I am exhausted, crazy busy, and I can’t find time to do anything for myself. I start the semester on a positive note, attending all my classes, taking really thorough notes, and even trying to get ahead. Then spring break rolls around and I get a little taste of freedom from classes and coming back to school to continue the semester feels almost impossible. I lose my momentum and procrastination becomes my best friend and I just can’t help myself from wondering when will the semester end.

Sound familiar? I’m sure we’ve all been there. So, I put together a list of ways to beat the mid-semester slump so you can refocus and get back to working toward your goals.

relax, refresh, recharge

Get Outside!

It’s finally starting to warm up, go soak up some sun! Even if it’s just for a little bit during a break between classes, go get some fresh air and take a break. Refocus and relax for a few, then you can get back to work with a clear head.


List Important Dates

This helps me to visualize the rest of the semester and know what I need to be prepared for. Most professors will let you know the big projects or exams that will be due ahead of time so it’s good to write all these down. Keep them in a place where you will see them often! If you hang them on the wall above your desk or somewhere that you will be reminded frequently of the due dates, it will help you feel like you know what’s coming and you can be better prepared for the end of the semester.


Talk to the Pros

If you are struggling in a class and feel like you can’t grasp a concept, go talk to your professor! They are more than willing to sit down with you and try to work out what the problem is so that you will be successful. I have found that QV professors are especially good about doing this because they want you to succeed! You just have to ask for help.


Get enough sleep!

Sleep is important! Make sure that you aren’t depriving yourself of the sleep that you need in order to get all your work done. I know that a lot of people stay up late studying and then wake up early to go to class or work but making sure that you are sleeping is vital to your success. If you are exhausted and not able to focus in classes then you won’t be able to learn what you need to. It will be more difficult to get your motivation back and not procrastinate if you aren’t getting enough sleep.

Don't Give Up!

Remember your goals

Don’t forget what you are working so hard for. We all have goals and dreams for our lives and being a student is going to help achieve those goals. Don’t let the weight of the semester get to you so much that you can’t see what you are achieving. Make sure that you remember what you want and what you need to do to get there.