Foundation Member Spotlight–Susan Harrod

Maggie Gibeault

Associate Director of Alumni Relations

Susan Harrod

Sue Harrod (SuHa) joined QVCC as coordinator of co-curricular programming and student activities in 2005. She retired as director of student activities in 2011. A year later, she joined the Foundation.

Prior to working at QV, SuHa was a social worker and project coordinator of the Northeast Connecticut Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) Program.  This state-funded program’s mission was to prevent teen pregnancies by providing them with skills, education, and opportunities to make healthy decisions.

“I have always felt that education is a ‘contraceptive device’. If you see a future, you make healthier decisions. Education can define your future. One of our program activities was to hold teen life conferences at QV which was a way to introduce participants to the College. After I began working at QV, one of my favorite memories was when I witnessed a former TPP program participant enroll in the college and then graduate and transfer to ECSU. She was the first in her family to attend college. This is what is so special about QVCC. It truly is a pathway to success! It was a natural progression for me to serve on the Foundation and continue to help QV students along this path. The Foundation is truly that…a “foundation” towards success.

How did this special lady get this unique name? “SuHa was the moniker given to me by my supervisor when I started working at QVCC because the dean at that time had a name quite similar to mine.  SuHa is unique to QV and I love it!”

The Foundation is fortunate to count SuHa on our team. She brightens our days with her great sense of humor and goes above and beyond in her volunteer role. Come by the Foundation Office every Tuesday to see her hard at work!