Strategic Priority 1: Cultivate an atmosphere of resiliency in the midst of change

Priority and Metrics

  • Create clear communication, pathways, structures, and measurements of accountability as we actualize Students First.
  • Implement and proactively engage in the transition to Connecticut State Community College.
  • Design ongoing feedback loops and input opportunities through re-imagined shared governance and formal/informal organizational structures.
  • Recruit and retain talented and diverse students and employees.
  • Promote opportunities for recognition, morale building, advancement, focus on wellness and professional development for all students and employees.
  • Capitalize on opportunities to continue to define QVCC’s culture by expanding partnerships to optimize the use of facilities and grow on site programming to enhance student and community engagement.
  • Continue to monitor and adapt our college’s response as needed in light of the COVID pandemic or future unforeseen variables.
  1. Continued growth and progress with each Guided Pathway KPI metric and each of the seven equity pillars.
  2. Meet the timeline associated with the transition to CSCC.
  3. Demonstrate number and percentage of QVCC faculty/staff who are on transition committees with CSCC.
  4. At a minimum, maintain student enrollment at QVCC when we transition to CSCC.
  5. Improved results of experience for students and staff through e once we transition to CSCC.
  6. Implementation of a new shared governance model and updated organizational chart that reflects the matrixed organization.
  7. Increase percent of diverse students and employees.
  8. Increase retention rates of diverse student and employees, and overall increase retention rates of all students and employees.
  9. Expand number of professional development opportunities for students and employees.
  10. Higher number of and percentage of students and employees participating in expanded professional development and training.
  11. Increase events of recognition, morale building and employees who are promoted.
  12. Improve CCSSE and SENSE results of students and employee satisfaction.
  13. Increase building use for community partnerships and on-site programming.
  14. Explore feasibility of an Entrepreneurship Center at the Danielson campus.
  15. Monitor COVID indicators including vaccination levels, attestation, and testing compliance and positivity levels.