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Did you know more than a third of QVCC’s students are older than 24?

At QVCC, we recognize that adult learners face challenges in returning to school that traditional students right out of high school do not. Do you have a full-time or part-time job? QVCC offers evening classes. Do you have a family or dependents to support and care for? QVCC offers a variety of online and hybrid classes.

Our faculty, staff, and advisors are eager to help you transition back into the classroom with a clear academic plan to further your education and to achieve your personal, academic, and career goals. We understand your unique challenges as an adult learner and are committed to providing the flexibility you need.

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QVCC offers more than 50 academic associate degrees or certificate programs. No matter what field you are interested in, you can be assured that an education from QVCC will better your future.

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Who are adult learners?

  • They’re usually 24 or older.
  • They’ve postponed going to college for at least one year following high school.
  • They may have already started college as a traditional student but needed to take time off.
  • They’re usually employed full-time.
  • They’re looking to enhance their professional lives or may be switching careers.