Kristina, Student Ambassador


Kristina Davenport

Kristina Davenport

Major: Engineering Science

Reasons for choosing QVCC: I work at Spirol and they partner closely with QVCC and encouraged me to return to school. QVCC was close and ad all the programs I needed. I loved the idea of taking classes so close to home and work, along with the added bonus of no more school loans. 

Favorite QVCC class: So far, my favorite class has been CNC II as I loved learning the basic g codes and seeing them be brought to life in the CNC Milling machines.

Extracurricular: Working full time in a quality lab, various shows with local community theaters, volunteer work, singing in a band. 

Goals: Earn my AS and later by BS. Travel to more countries. Continue to climb the ladder at work

Interests: Music (Rock), Musicals, Bowling, Tabletops, Video Games, Space Shuttles, and Comics

An interesting fact about me: I have visited each of the remaining four shuttles in person (New York, Virginia, Florida, and California)