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Carina, Student Ambassador


17 April, 2020

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Carina Coman

Carina Coman

Major: Criminology Studies

Reasons for choosing QVCC: I chose QVCC because coming out of high school I was not positive about what I wanted to do yet. I knew I wanted to go to college, but I wasn’t sure about my major and what I would want to do after college. Being at QVCC has made me realize exactly what I want to do and also made me realize I was not ready to go to a large university as I once had planned to do after high school. I am very glad I made the choice to start here.

Favorite QVCC class: My favorite class so far that I have taken at QVCC is Introduction to Criminal Justice with William Aulerich. This was one of my first classes I took in my first semester at QVCC as a prerequisite for the Criminology program I am in. I liked this class a lot because it made me realize I definitely want to go into something with law. Professor Aulerich, being a retired police officer, made the class very interesting as well giving us real stories and issues within the law that he has experienced.

Extracurricular: I haven’t been involved in many extracurricular activities, which is why I chose to apply for the student ambassador program. The only experience I have had is one semester in student council in high school.

Goals: My goal is to graduate QVCC with an associates in Criminology, and then move onto a four year school, either Becker College or Roger Williams University, to earn a bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies. After earning this degree, I hope to become certified as a paralegal and then work as one. After gaining experience in law as a paralegal, if I want to in the future, I will go to law school and become a lawyer.

Interests: Traveling is definitely one of my biggest interests. I haven’t been to too many places and I have not able to do a lot of traveling since I started college. Throughout my middle and high school years I traveled to Alaska, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Mexico,  California, and many other states in the US. I have not been to as many places as I would have liked to by now but I am excited to see where else I will go in the future. 

An interesting fact about me: One of my biggest interests is working. I work in the Learning Center here at QVCC at the desk and sometimes tutoring, and I absolutely love it. I also work at the Thompson Raceway Golf Club & Restaurant where I waitress, buss, serve at events, work on the golf course on the beer cart, and at the ice cream stand during the spring and summer seasons.