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Student Government Association Officers

SGA Leadership Positions Are Still Available

The Student Government Association Executive Committee needs YOU for the following positions: Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Representative to the Student Advisory Committee of the Board of Regents, and Member-at-Large.

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Executive Committee

The Student Government Association (SGA) is lead by a group of elected and/or appointed student officers referred to as the Executive Committee. Each officer has a specific set of unique tasks and responsibilities assigned to them in order to keep the SGA operating efficiently.

Elections are held each April or October depending on officer vacancies. If students do not come forward in the month(s) prior to an election, the SGA Advisor(s) may appoint a student in good standing to fill the role for the year or in an interim capacity.

Officer Responsibilities

Picture of 2020-2021 SGA President, Bree Weidele

Bree Weidele

Early Childhood Education, ’20


The President shall preside over meetings, vote on any matter in which the Government is dead-locked, and appoint committees and delegate responsibility. With the input of the Advisor, the President is responsible for organizing group functions, including agenda, time, and logistics of all SGA meetings. The President is to be an ex-officio advisor to all committees is able to assign replacement representatives. They shall oversee public relations and recruitment of new members, facilitate democratic decision-making, and call Executive Board meetings twice a month unless deemed unnecessary by a majority of the other board members.

Vice President

The Vice President shall inform all college organizations when their policies or actions are deemed in conflict with the interest of another college organization and assume those duties delegated by the President.  They are to serve as liaison between the SGA and student clubs and organizations.

The Vice President shall replace the President in the case of his/her removal from office, inability to attend meetings, resignation, or inability to discharge powers and duties of the said office.

Kevin Champagne 2019

Kevin Champagne

CSCU Pathway Transfer: Psychology Studies, General Studies, ’21

Natalie Ionkin 2019

Natalie Ionkin

Early Childhood Education


The Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence and to bring any information pertaining to such correspondence to the meetings; they are responsible for publishing and distributing the meeting agenda to SGA members and the College Community, as well as taking and distributing the minutes for SGA meetings and keep an accurate file of all SGA minutes. They are to inform the SGA members of special meetings and inform the Treasurer of any bills outstanding.

The Secretary shall assume the leadership duties of the SGA if the President and Vice President are unable to perform said duties.

Interim Treasurer

The Treasurer shall monitor and interpret the expenditures of all SGA accounts, sponsored clubs and organizations. They are to notify the College Community when to apply for budget requests and supply, accept, and present forms to the SGA. The Treasurer is to be a liaison between the Business Office and the Student Government Association; they are to present at any/all fundraisers that are sponsored by the SGA. They shall work with the SGA Advisor to become familiar with State regulations and to be responsible for SGA event ticket reports and receipts for all SGA sponsored events.

The Treasurer shall assume the leadership duties of the SGA if the President, Vice President and Secretary are unable to perform said duties.

Angel Caouette 2020

Angel Caouette

Business Administration: Health Care Management

Photo of Tyler Fitts

Tyler Fitts

CSCU Pathway Transfer: Political Science Studies, ’21

Representative to the Student Advisory Committee of the Board of Regents

The Representative to the Student Advisory Committee (SAC) of the Board of Regents (BOR) shall represent QVCC at meetings of the SAC of the BOR for Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU). They are to be a liaison between the SAC and the QVCC College Community and be available to the College Community to give input to the SAC and the Board of Regents. The Representative to the SAC is to represent the rights and interests of the students of Quinebaug Valley Community College and is granted authority by the SGA Executive Board to make decisions and cast votes based on the best interests of the Quinebaug Valley Community College student body. They shall be responsible for attending committee or other additional SAC-related meetings

Representative to the QVCC Foundation

The Representative to the QVCC Foundation shall inform all members of the QVCC Foundation of the proceedings of the SGA. They are responsible for creating, publishing, and distributing a monthly report which shall be directly submitted to a full-time faculty or staff of QVCC for review prior to submission to the QVCC Foundation. This role acts as a liaison between the SGA and the QVCC Foundation and is to present at any/all events sponsored by the SGA, and any events sponsored by the QVCC Foundation as seen fit by the Board Director. They shall attend all meetings including but not limited to SGA meetings, QVCC Foundation meetings, and SGA Executive Board meetings and represent SGA at all QVCC Foundation Board meetings, as well as social functions, or appoint an alternate to attend in his/her place. The Representative is to inform the SGA advisor of any outstanding grievances against the SGA by the QVCC Foundation, or the college community at large. They are to be responsible for training the incoming Representative to the QVCC Foundation before leaving office.

The Representative to the QVCC Foundation shall assume leadership duties of the SGA if the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer are unable to perform said duties.

Angel Caouette 2020

Angel Caouette

Business Administration: Health Care Management

Photo of Natalia Reali

Natalia Reali

CSCU Pathway Transfer: Social Work Studies, ’21


The Member-at-Large to the Executive Committee shall attend all executive meetings of SGA and be available to participate in sub-committee meetings as dispatched by the President.

The Member-at-Large shall be the first to be considered for interim service, filling any executive post left open by the resignation, demise, removal, or reassignment of other executive members, only after the Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Representative to the Foundation exercise their charge herein to assume greater leadership duties, and by a majority vote of ratification by all Executive Board members.