quinebaug valley community college

Late Start Courses

Spring 2021 Late Start Courses

Late Start courses will be offered during the Spring 2021 semester as an alternative to the traditional 16-week full semester courses.  These courses are designed in an accelerated format, giving students the opportunity to earn necessary credits in a condensed timeframe. Late Start courses begin the weeks of February 22 or March 22 and end the week of May 17.

Some of QVCC’s accelerated courses include Advanced Medical Coding, Entrepreneurship, Intro to Mass Communication, Intro to Philosophy, Principles of Managerial Accounting, and more.


  • Visit my.commnet.edu
  • Select: Search for Course Offerings
  • Select Term: Spring Term 2021
  • Select College: Quinebaug Valley CC
  • Select (O)pen or (C)Closed: Click Open
  • Select Course Level: Check Credit
  • Click Get Courses and look for any course title starting with “LS:”

Students interested in enrolling in any late start courses should be aware that while the number of class meetings is fewer than the regular semester, each course still contains the same number of class hours as the regular semester, therefore the level of study is more intensive.