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Grammar Workshop

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Instructor: Rockie Blunt, Ed.D.

Rockie has operated Blunt Consulting Group, an organizational communications training and consulting company, since 1987. In his extensive training over many years at QVCC, he has earned a reputation as a lively speaker who delivers informative workshops. A graduate of Yale University, Rockie has a master’s from Clark University and a doctorate in human resource education from Boston University. He is also an adjunct instructor at Assumption College.

A Quick, Fun Review of Grammar, Punctuation and Word Usage

How many years has it been since you reviewed the basics of grammar and punctuation?

Taking a logical, step-by-step approach, this one-day workshop examines how words are grouped effectively into sentences and then focuses on tricky punctuation issues that you encounter every day. We will also discuss “word usage,” the correct use of closely related terms.

The overall goal of the session is to help you build confidence in your writing, and the atmosphere in the room will be relaxed, supportive and fun. Among the questions to be addressed are:

• How can I make my writing “flow” more smoothly?
• How can I emphasize my most important ideas?
• How can I keep my sentences from all sounding the same?
• Have grammar and punctuation rules changed over the years?
• How can I communicate the exact “tone” that I want?
• How can I solve the punctuation problems that I stumble over all the time?
• What’s the difference between “affect” or “effect,” “its” or “it’s,” and “their,” “there” or “they’re”?

Cost: $249

Dates to be announced