Credit classes are now online for the rest of the spring semester. The Danielson campus and QV at Windham Technical HS physical locations are closed.
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Summer College

SUMMER SESSION 2020Summer college

First day to register is MARCH 23

  1. Apply for Admission
  2. Submit proof of high school or GED
  3. Schedule Placement test if needed
  4. Submit proof of prerequisite (unofficial transcript) where advisors will input your prereq
    Email them to Advising
    Include course CRN#, your banner id and contact information
  5. Register and pay full tuition and fees at time of registration.  Log into myCommNet with your NET ID and password.
  6. View the Summer Academic Calendar for important add, drop and tuition refund dates.

For more information, contact the Admission Office or the Advising Center

Please review the Course Search for the most up-to-date course information including the CRN# needed to register.

Three Summer Sessions To Choose From

CRN       Subj    Crse    Sec         Textbook        Cred       Title                                  Inst Methd

2020      ART*     L101       1            textbook info      3              Art History I                           ONLN

2021       BIO*      L121       1             textbook info     4              General Biology I                  HYBR

2022       BIO*      L211       1             textbook info     4             Anatomy & Physiology I      HYBR

2024       SOC*     L101       1             textbook info     3             Principles of Sociology         ONLN



CRN       Subj     Crse     Sec         Textbook       Cred        Title                                           Inst Methd

2002       BIO*      L140       1           textbook info     3              Ornithology                                    TRAD

2003       ECN*     L102       1            textbook info     3              Principles of Microeconomics  ONLN

2040       ENG*    L114        1            textbook info     3              Children’s Literature                  ONLN

2004       ENG*    L274       1            textbook info     3              Graphic Novel as Literature      ONLN

2006       HLT*      L141       1           textbook info     4              Techniques of Phlebotomy        CLIN

2005       HIS*       L201      1            textbook info     3              U.S. History I                               ONLN

2007       MAT*    L095       1            textbook info     3              Elem Algebra Foundations       TRAD

2008       POL*     L111        1            textbook info     3              American Government               ONLN

2009       SPA*     L101        1            textbook info     3              Elementary Spanish I                 HYBR

CRN       Subj     Crse    Sec       Textbook         Cred      Title                                                 Inst Methd

2010       BIO*      L111      1              textbook info     3              Intro to Nutrition                            ONLN

2023       COM*   L101      1              textbook info     3              Intro to Mass Communication     ONLN

2011       ECN*     L101      1              textbook info     3              Principles of Macroeconomics     ONLN

2012       ENG*    L102      1              textbook info     3              Literature & Composition             ONLN

2015       HLT*      L151     1              textbook info     3              Health & Wellness Promotion      ONLN

2016       HLT*      L170    1              textbook info     3              Law & Ethics for Health Care       ONLN

2005       HIS*       L201   1              textbook info     3              U.S. History I                                   ONLN

2014       HIS*       L202   1              textbook info     3              U.S. History II                                  ONLN

2017       HUM*   L101     1              textbook info     3              Intro to Humanities                        ONLN

2018       MAT*    L137     1              textbook info     3              Intermediate Algebra                     TRAD

2019       MAT*    L167     1              textbook info     3              Principles of Statistics                    TRAD

2041       MED*    L125    1              textbook info     3              Medical Terminology                      ONLN