English As A Second Language Curriculum

The Advanced English Proficiency in ESL certificate at QVCC will provide non-native speakers of English (English Language Learners – ELL) with intensive instruction in English Language skills needed for academic programs and future careers leading to employment opportunities.  Once program courses are successfully completed with a grade of “C” or higher, students will be awarded an Advanced English Proficiency ESL Certificate of Completion.

Intermediate and Advanced ESL courses (Grammar and Reading and Writing) may be substituted as a foreign language/humanities or open electives. ENG* 101 is required for various transfer programs. COM* 173 is required for various programs or as an open elective.

Both full and part-time ELL students are eligible for this program.

For more information, contact Program Coordinator Elkin Espitia-Loaiza

Program Requirements

 Course No. Course Title Credits
 ESL* 152 Reading/Writing V 6
 ESL* 162 Reading/Writing VI 6
 ESL* 175 Grammar VI 3
 COM* 173 Public Speaking 3
 ENG* 101


ENG* 101s



Composition with Embedded  Support




Credits 21/24 

Graduation Requirements:

High School Diploma or GED or equivalent
G.P.A. of 2.0
The candidate for this certificate must have placed at the College level on the Basic Skills Assessment in English and mathematics, or completed the recommended developmental coursework.