Use School Code 007635* When Filling Out Your FAFSA
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*Code will identify as Capital Community College; it will be updated to CT State later this year.

English Courses

ENG* 093 Introduction to College Reading & Writing
ENG* 096 Introduction to College Composition
ENG* 101 Composition
ENG* 101S Composition with Embedded Support
ENG* 102 Literature & Composition
ENG* 110 Introduction to Literature
ENG* 114 Children’s Literature
ENG* 145 Western Literature
ENG* 198 Special Topics: Composition Plus
ENG* 202 Technical Writing
ENG* 212 Crime and Detective Fiction
ENG* 214 Drama
ENG* 220 Studies in American Literature
ENG* 223 Contemporary American Literature
ENG* 225 19th Century American Literature
ENG* 255 Black Literature Worldwide
ENG* 262 Women in Literature
ENG* 275 Biblical and Classical Literature
ENG* 281 Creative Writing
ENG* 282 Creative Writing: Poetry
ENG* 283 Creative Writing Fiction

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