ECE Curriculum

An associate degree in Early Childhood Education can lead to a variety of jobs working with young children in different settings such as Head Start, early Head Start, private early care programs, and public schools. The courses will provide the theoretical background and practical experience necessary for students to succeed in a variety of educational settings. Program graduates will be qualified to seek employment in early care programs. Students may transfer to a four-year institution for further study.

In addition to General Education Outcomes, learners who complete the Early Childhood Education degree will:

• Identify, document and assess elements that determine quality in early childhood programs
• Design a learning environment and use teaching strategies that are based upon child development theory
• Plan, implement and evaluate a developmentally appropriate curriculum that fosters children’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development
• Examine program philosophy and goals, classroom design, teacher/child interaction, planning and implementation of curriculum, observation and assessment of the young child and family involvement in a variety of early childhood settings
• Demonstrate good early childhood practice in an early childhood setting

General Education Core 

• ENG* 101 Composition Composition
• COM* Communications Elective
• ENG* 114 Children’s Literature Children’s Literature
• ART* ELE (Fine Arts or Music Appreciation Elective)
• MAT* ELE (Greater than MAT* 137)
• ELE Science Elective 1
• PSY* 111 General Psychology I General Psychology I or
PSY* 112 General Psychology II General Psychology II
• ANT* 105 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
• Open Elective 2

General Education Core Total: 27/28

Program Core

• ECE* 101 Introduction to Early Childhood Education Introduction to Early Childhood Education
• ECE* 103 Creative Experiences for Children Creative Experiences for Children
• ECE* 109 Science & Math for Children Science & Math for Children
• ECE* 141 Infant/Toddler Growth and Development Infant/Toddler Growth and Development
• ECE* 176 Health Safety & Nutrition Health Safety & Nutrition
• ECE* 182 Child Development Child Development
• ECE* 210 Observation & Participation Observation & Participation
• ECE* 215 The Exceptional Learner The Exceptional Learner
• ECE* 231 Early Language and Literacy Development Early Language and Literacy Development
• ECE* 295 Student Teaching Student Teaching

Program Core Total: 33
Total: 60/61