Computer Science

Senior Network Specialist Certification

The Senior Network Specialist certificate program is an occupational program that will prepare successful students for immediate employment in the networking area of computer services occupations. Students of the Senior Network Specialist certificate program focus on the specific knowledge, skills and abilities needed in today’s computer networking industry.

Program Details

The Senior Network Specialist certificate program aligns with and prepares students with the skills and knowledge necessary to gain numerous national recognized industry certifications. Students will be prepared to successfully pass certifications such as Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), CompTIA’s Network+, and various Microsoft Technology Associate certifications.

Career Prospects

Students with a Senior Network Specialist certification can expect to earn an annual salary of 42K a year. Positions available are:

  • Computer Network Technician
  • Network Support Technician

Web Design Certification

The Web Design certificate provides learners with a foundation in web site development with a focus on content creation instead of high-level programming. A blend of artistic and technical computer based skills is critical for anyone seeking work as a web page designer. This certificate provides an excellent opportunity for both technical students and emerging artists to broaden their career path. Today, all businesses have a web presence and this certificate provides students with the skills needed to obtain entry level web design positions.

Program Details

This certification is design to offer students the skill sets needed by todays Web Developers. Students are taught using the latest coding languages, in addition to gaining a solid graphic design foundation. Together, both skill sets are used to design a well-functioning, easily navigated and attractive web page.

Career Prospects

Students with a Web Design Certification can expect to apply to positions such as:

  • Web Design/Developers – Annual wage of $69K1!

1. Statistics provided by Connecticut Department of Labor. Labor Market Information. Highest Paying Occupations in Connecticut Requiring Associate’s Degree or Vocational Training.

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Chris Parden
Assistant Professor of Computer Services & Program Coordinator