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Associate of Science, Computer Networking

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Information technology is an integral part of modern life and inseparable from modern business. Today’s business world demands computer networking technicians that can manage, setup, and maintain a company’s computer systems. This kind of technology rules the daily operations of most everything that affects our lives. Computer network technicians build and maintain computer networks used by business, education, government, and health care institutions. They must know current standards and terminology used for local area networks (LANs) and larger wide area networks (WANs). They often help plan their employers’ computer networks and then implement the planned networks. Most commonly, network technicians administer existing computer networks and troubleshoot problems as they arise. Graduates of this program can look towards a bright future and a career path filled with opportunities.

Computer networking professionals need strong analytical, communication, multi-tasking, and problem solving skills in addition to computer knowledge. In general, companies prefer a variety of different skills depending on the needs of their organization.

This is a workforce pathway program. The program aligns with and prepares students with the skills and knowledge necessary to gain numerous national recognized industry certifications. Students will be prepared to successful pass certifications such as Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), CompTIA’s Network+, and various Microsoft Technology Associate certifications.

Career Outlook

The job outlook for Network and Computer Systems Administrator is expected to grow .5% percent through 2026. With an average annual job openings, in CT, of 241.


Job Salary

Mean Wage for a Computer Network Support Specialists is $39.02 per hour

Mean Wage for a Network and Computer Systems Administrator is $42.31 per hour