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Cannabis Studies Certificate

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Dr. Brian Kaufman



QVCC’s Cannabis Studies program creates an opportunity for students to learn about the United States’ fastest growing bumper crop. The Cannabis Studies program will explore the legal challenges confronting cannabis farming, production, and consumer use; cannabis cultivation techniques and cannabinoid/THC extraction processes; the farming economics of land, labor, and capital; governmental regulations and laws affecting small business; and developing opportunities in western and alternative medicines and therapies. The 15-credit Cannabis Studies certificate includes classes in alternative medicine, botany, business and communications.

cannabis certificate

Interested students can register for:

  • Summer 2020: BES* 218 Entrepreneurship (online this summer June 1- August 8, 2020)
  • Fall 2020: LGL* 170 Cannabis Law and Policy
  • Fall 2020: BBG* 101 Intro to Business
  • Fall 2020: BMG* 204 Managerial Communication.
  • Spring 2021: HRT* 113 Horticulture of Cannabis – This course provides students with knowledge in seeding, growing, harvesting and extracting CBD (which will be useful for working in the state’s emerging cannabis industry).
  • All courses earn college credit for those students who continue on to earn Associate Degrees in Business, General Studies, or Liberal Arts and Sciences — degrees which also transfer to Connecticut colleges and universities for students pursuing advanced degrees.

Career Outlook

There are a variety of career paths you can take in the cannabis industry. The median pay in the cannabis industry is 11 percent above the median U.S. salary of $52,863.

Cannabis Jobs in Cultivation and Growing
Working for a cannabis cultivator puts you at the beginning of the supply chain. You’ll be helping to grow the cannabis that will eventually be used by patients and consumers. Some of the most popular cultivation jobs include:

  • Master Grower
  • Cultivation Supervisor or Assistant Grower
  • Trimmer
  • Cultivation Site Worker

Cannabis Jobs in Testing
Testing labs are an important part of the cannabis supply chain, particularly in states where testing is legally required. Following are some common jobs you could find at testing facilities:

  • Laboratory Analysts
  • Laboratory Technicians.
  • Lab Manager
  • Quality Control Inspector

Cannabis Jobs in Processing and Manufacturing
Cannabis jobs in processing and manufacturing facilities are involved in turning raw cannabis from cultivators into products that can be sold in dispensaries or retail stores. Some of the jobs you can find in processing and manufacturing are:

  • Extractor