Associate of Science,
Business Administration:
Business Information Systems Option

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In today’s world, technology is a vital driver of business innovations and success. Businesses and government agencies need to manage a complex array of information systems on computers, tablets and mobile devices. As technology expands and the number of devices increases, these organizations will continue to require a competent, professional and growing IS workforce.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in business with a focus on information technology, this field may be a good fit. Unlike computer science, which focuses on technology and its improvement, an information systems degree focuses on business firms, their operations, and the relationship between technology and an organization’s success.

Land a job within an organization’s information systems operation, and you will be responsible for planning, developing, and managing computer technologies that support business operations and organizational management.


Growth will be driven by organizations upgrading their information technology (IT) systems and switching to newer, faster and more mobile networks. Consequently, more computer and information systems managers will be needed to assist during this transition. The work is challenging and well-respected. Although much of the job growth in this area is expected to require a bachelor’s degree or higher, the associate’s degree programs prepares you for entry level jobs in the field of information technology management or to transfer to one of the Connecticut State Universities.

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