Associate of Science, Business Administration

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Business is diverse. Business is global. Business is at the heart of any organization. Sales, project management, purchasing, planning, marketing are just some of the components of this universal field. Also think entrepreneurship. In the last 10 years, women have made great strides in launching and running their own businesses. You can apply those same entrepreneurial skills and knowledge within an organization to introduce a new product or process. And business isn’t just for the corporate world. You can take your business and management skills and use them in creative and emerging industries, such as fashion, social media, and entertainment. In business, the sky is the limit.

By studying business, you will:

Develop strong management, decision-making and problem-solving skills
Learn careful data analysis and effective communication
Enhance your ability to think critically
Gain practical work experience through internship opportunities
Qualify for an array of leadership positions
Credits from the management certificate programs can be put towards the degree.

Career Outlook

Every business, regardless of its size, needs talented managers and administrators to help it succeed. Such employees excel at activities that bring people together to advance business goals through planning, organizing, leading, coordinating, and motivating. A business degree gives you the flexibility to seek employment in a variety of fields and industries. The wide-range of skills that form the core of a business administration program opens doors in education, government, private business and retail. Opportunities range from office assistant positions to restaurant and retail management.

Other opportunities can include:

Human resources
Market research
Public relations
Financial analysis

Becoming Connecticut State Community College

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