Course of Study Health Career Pathways

Contact Information

Brian Clinton
Medical Assisting & Allied Health Program Coordinator

Cindi Brassington, MS, CMA (AAMA)
Professor of Allied Health

Health Career Pathways Course of Study

First Semester

  • ENG 101 Composition, 3 credits
  • MAT 137 Intermediate Algebra, 3 credits
  • HLT 103 Investigations in Health Care, 3 credits
  • BIO 121 General Biology I, 4 credits

Second Semester

  • BIO 211 Anatomy and Physiology I, 4 credits
  • PSY 111, 3 credits
  • MED 125, 3 credits

Third Semester

  • BIO 212 Anatomy and Physiology II, 4 credits
  • CHE 111 Concepts of Chemistry, 4 credits and/or BIO 235 Microbiology, 4 credits


Additional Program Information

  • Please note, this is a suggested plan of study for a full-time student. Part-time students may have their schedule adjusted accordingly. Students must meet with their academic advisor prior to registering for courses.
  • Some courses are offered online while some may be offered as a hybrid course (meet on campus once a week and the rest of the work is done online)
  • Certificate transfers into both the Medical Assisting, Medical Laboratory Technician and Health Care Management Degrees.
  • Students may need additional courses in remedial math and/or English.
  • Students wishing to transfer to a nursing program may need to take additional courses that may not be listed in this program, such as SOC 101 and PSY 201, to be eligible to apply. It is strongly suggested that students wishing to transfer to another program to contact the transferring college for their specific transfer requirements.