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Library FAQs

How do I use my student email?

At the Library

What resources are available in the QV library?
The library in Danielson houses a collection of about 25,000 books, 75 magazines and journals and 2,000 DVDs. Specific resources may be placed on reserve for classes as well – ask for these at the front desk. There are 37 computer terminals available for students (including 8 iMacs) – all with internet access and Microsoft Office. There are 5 public terminals available with access to the internet.  We have three standing terminals and three desk cycles for students who prefer alternative work stations. We also have flash drives, phone chargers, and earbuds to help make your time in the library as productive as possible! The library also handles all requests for media equipment and services. Library staff are always available to help with your research.

How many items can I check out at one time?
A QV student may borrow up to a total of 10 items (of any types – books, magazines, DVDs) although we ask that you not, if possible, borrow all the books on any one topic. In addition, some resources, like DVDs and magazines, have their own limits – in this case 2 total. Public patrons may borrow up to a total of 6 items with the same restrictions on the total numbers of DVDs or magazines.

What if the library doesn’t have the book I need?
If the book is available in one of the other CSCU institutions, you may request the book through QVresearch.  If it is not available in the system, please see a librarian.  We can request it through Interlibrary Loans (ILL) from a different institution.

How long can I borrow items for?
Books from the QVCC library circulate for 28 days with the possibility of one renewal for another 28 days. Books from other CSCU institutions also circulate for 28 days with one renewal (these books can be recalled by the owning library before the end of the 28 day period).  DVDs, magazines, and journals circulate for 3 days with one 3 day renewal possible. You can renew books online by signing in to QVreseach or by calling the library at (860) 932-4007.

How much can I print?
QV students are limited to print jobs that are less than 30 pages at a time. Duplicate printing (printing more than one copy of an article) is not allowed. The total number of articles you can print is not restricted but we ask you to print judiciously – printing only those parts of an article you actually need. Library staff can help you with printing sections of an article or with downloading or emailing articles. Public patrons are limited to print jobs of less than 5 pages at a time.

Can I use the library if I’m not a student?
The QV library is open to the public. There are 5 computer terminals with internet access available for public use. To borrow items from the QV library you will need to obtain a QV library card. To obtain a library card, please bring proof of your Connecticut address.

Citations and References

Which citation format should I use?
Use whatever format your instructor requires. At QV that usually means using MLA Format for classes in the humanities (Art, Business, Communications, English, Humanities, ECE, etc.). Use APA format for classes in the sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Sociology, etc.). Use Chicago/Turabian format for history classes (unless your instructor requires a different format). Every class is different – always check with your instructor about which format he or she would like you to use.  You can check out our citation guide for more specific instructions.

What is an annotated bibliography?
An annotated bibliography is a list of citations that includes annotations. That means writing a citation in the correct format, then adding a few sentences that describe the source. Faculty who require annotated bibliographies will give more specific directions about what citation format they want to be used and what the annotation should contain.


How many eBooks does the library have?
The library hosts an ever increasing collection of electronic books. As of this posting the collection consists of several separate sets including more than 280,000 books in our Ebook Central collection; 160,000 Ebsco eBooks; 790 Credo Reference books; 300 Gale Virtual Reference Books, and 50 books in the Oxford Reference eBook collection.

How do I login to Ebook Central?
At the top right of the Ebook Central screen, click Sign In. You will then login with your Banner ID and password and then go right back into Ebook Central. Once you are logged in, you can annotate and save ebooks to your Bookshelf.

How do I login to Ebsco eBooks?
Click Sign In at the top of the Ebsco screen. Next, click Create a New Account. Fill out the online form – you can create any username and password as long as you follow the screen protocol. Once you sign in you can save Ebsco eBooks to your Folder. You can also use the same username and password to login and save articles from other Ebsco databases (MasterFile Premier, etc.) to your Folder.

Internet and Wireless

How do I get on the student wireless network?
Students should use the wireless network named “ConnSCU.” Use you NetID and password to get on.

Can I print from my laptop?
You can print Microsoft Office documents (such as Word and Excel files) as well as PDFs.  Attach your document to an email and send your email to qv_library@hpeprint.com.  The wireless printer is located on the laptop counter in the writing area.

Library Electronic Resources

What can I do if I don’t see the full text that I am searching for?
Have you limited your search to full text only? That is done by checking the Full Text box on the search screen. Most library databases contain both full text and non-full text. Checking that full text box eliminates information about articles that are not full text.

Media Resources

What kinds of media resources are available from the library?
We have the following equipment available:
*wireless mice                 *laser pointers
*thumb drives                  *document cameras on a cart
*digital cameras              *plasma TV/DVD/laptop combo on a cart
*digital camcorders        *iPad/Mac digital display adapters
*microphones for W100, W101, Auditorium, and Cafeteria

Where do I get help if I have a problem with technology in the classroom?
Please contact IT at 24016.

What kinds of technology are already installed in classrooms?
Each classroom is equipped with a desktop PC, a ceiling-mounted projector, a DVD/CD player, and a sound system.

How do I request a piece of media equipment?
Please contact IT at 24016 at least 24 hours in advance of your event or class.

Is there someone available to film or otherwise record my class or presentation?
Unfortunately, no. The library can provide a video camera and a tripod but we do not have staff to do the filming for you.

Other Technologies

Can I connect my iPad to a projector?
With a second generation or newer iPad you can connect them to a projector or external display. To do so you will need the Apple 30-pin to VGA adapter or the Apple 30-pin Digital AV adapter. These are available from the Apple online store. You can also check one out on a class-by-class basis from the library.