quinebaug valley community college


joanne_web2Johanne ’19 – Pomfret, CT

I am currently studying Human Services.

Why did you choose to come back to or start at QVCC?

It was time for me to grow in new areas. After investigating what QVCC had to offer, I felt there were perfect options for me here.

Have you attended college in the past or have a degree from another institution?

I have taken credit courses but not received a college degree. I have, however, graduated from trade school (cosmetology). In addition, I have successfully completed a non-credit course in Real Estate Principles and Practices.

I know you were a successful business owner for many years and have completely changed directions. Can you tell us more about this?

Owning and operating a business was a rewarding experience. I was thankful for the opportunity to develop and train a team of excited individuals and create a cultured atmosphere. It was in this environment that I conquered many challenges and met personal goals, all while coaching others as they navigated their own career paths. As hard as it was to close this chapter and start a new one, I felt it was time to embark on a new journey and explore other areas of interest.

How did you overcome some of the obstacles or emotions which were standing in the way of starting college?

The first obstacle I experienced was my age, 51!  Was I being silly?  How much time would I be investing?  Would it be worth it?  Did I even remember HOW to do school work?  The second obstacle was managing my time wisely. How would my classes and time spent on homework balance with my children’s schedules?  Every day I came up with excuses!   Thankfully a stronger voice within drove me to take the chance, and here I am.


What have you learned about QVCC, as an institution, that you didn’t know before you came here that has surprised you?

The Learning Center. I use it to my advantage. As a student returning after 30 years, I set up an adult study program of sorts for myself there.

What has been the best part of being a QVCC student?

The community here!  I always feel supported.  If I need help, I don’t ever feel like I am bothering someone, and I can find answers to my questions!  I must give a shout out to my advisor, Randy. He has been very patient with me so I am not overwhelmed after coming back to school after 30 years.

What advice can you give someone in your shoes who might be interested in going to college and considering QVCC?

Do it! Come in, ask questions.  QVCC also offers non-credit courses and programs.  There is something for everyone in a welcoming community environment. There are always reasons we can find to put something off.  Then years go by, but the question still lingers in us, ‘what if we had?’ Well, you can, it’s never too late!

Apply NowI know this is your first semester, but what are your aspirations after you leave QVCC?

Human Services has a “Job Coach” section— I would like to explore that more. I love what I am doing now in the Continuing Education Office as a student worker, so perhaps I’ll explore the possibility of an admissions career.

What other information can you share about your personal life that might be of interest to others?

I just enjoyed having all our six children home for Thanksgiving.  Family and friends are very important to me.  I also like attending local fundraisers to support small businesses and community events. I try to help in any way I can. To relax, I like to walk my dogs, and yoga helps.  It’s wonderful that QVCC offers yoga!