Use School Code 007635* When Filling Out Your FAFSA
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*Code will identify as Capital Community College; it will be updated to CT State later this year.

Jenna Haines

Transferring to Smith College to study government

Liberal Arts & Sciences ’17

A resident of Brooklyn, Jenna was born and raised in the Quiet Corner. She chose to attend QVCC, seeking a debt-free education and intimate classroom setting. QVCC is a tradition in Jenna’s family: her grandmother is professor emeritus of mathematics, and her mother is an adjunct instructor of American sign language. She will follow in her mother’s footsteps and attend Smith to complete her bachelor’s degree in government.

“Truthfully, I expected my trajectory here to be a lonely journey: just one little freshman, facing the future at my local community college. But I severely underestimated the depth of community here. Not only have we all been immersed in this unique environment, but we compose it.”