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Alumni Spotlight

Celicia Boyden Hardy ’12

After being homeschooled until 2009, Celicia Boyden Hardy ‘12 found her stepping stone to the academic world at Quinebaug Valley Community College. Because Celicia never went to public school, she did not know what she would become when she became one student out of thousands. Since QVCC is a small community college, Celicia felt that it would be the best option for her to explore her future.

When Celicia became a student at QVCC, she decided to pursue a degree in engineering. She felt that “engineering was like its own club,” and within no time, she exceled in the program. Over the course of several months, Celicia participated in a few lucrative engineering opportunities that her professor, Mark Vesligaj, mentored. She had the privilege of being an intern for the United States Geographical Survey, and then went on a trip to Boston with her engineering class to participate in a conference.

As Celicia completed her associate’s degree from QVCC in 2012, she moved on to the University of Connecticut to pursue a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering. While at UConn, she began to work at Fuss & O’Neil, a water resources company based in Providence. When she completed her bachelor’s degree two years later, she continued to work for the company. Celicia now holds the title of Water Resources Engineer, and loves her career.

Celicia says that Quinebaug Valley Community College provided her the stepping stones that she needed to be “prepared for the academic world” and what came afterwards. With the opportunities that the school provided for her, she is now working in a career that she is passionate about, and pursuing a master’s degree at John Hopkins University.

QVCC is proud to call Celicia Boyden Hardy ’12 an alumnus. We wish her the best of luck in the future!