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Recognition Societies


27 November, 2019

Alumni Mixer

Join the QVCC Alumni Association at our annual mixer! Enjoy Appetizers and…

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The Pillars Club
Gifts of $25,000-$49,999

^Steven and Marjolaine ’87,’88 Townsend

The President’s Circle-
Gifts of $15,000-$24,999

SPIROL International Charitable Foundation
Whitcraft, *Jeff Paul

Gifts of $10,000-$14,999

*Joan Dash
Michael and *Dr. Carlee Drummer
The Mitchell D. Phaiah Foundation
Web Industries Hartford

Gifts of $5,000-$9,999

William and Lois Brower
Dr. Lynn Pasquerella ’78 and John Kuchle
Walter and Sandra Sargent
UNICORR/Nutmeg Container Corporation

Distinguished Fellows
Gifts of $1,000-$4,999

Altrusa International of Northeast Connecticut
Denise Archambault
Archambault Insurance Associates
BGR Radiator, *Mary Jane Burke
Thomas and *Katalin Borner
John and *Mary Jane Burke
W. Murray and Carole Buttner
*Peter Deary
Carla Demers ’87
Foster Corporation
Carol Hagstrom
^Laurence and Jane Hale
Rebecca Harvey
Jewett City Savings Bank
Thomas and Laurel Kahak
*Joseph Markley
Margarethe & Matthew Mashikian
^Dr. Robert and Sylvia Miller
Newell D. Hale Foundation
Northeastern Connecticut Chamber of Commerce
Northeastern Connecticut Human Resources Association
*David Panteleakos
Putnam Rotary Club
Quinebaug Valley Regional Rotaract
Dr. Steven Raheb
Rawson Materials
Renchel Tool, Inc.
*Christian and Rachel Sarantopoulos
Sebastian & Barbara Scripps
Slater Hill Tool
Linda Kipper and Lawrence Stone
Dede Delaney and *James Turner
Zip’s Diner, *Kevin Cole

Friends of the College
Gifts of $500-$999

*Joseph and Dawn Adiletta
*Marc and Mary Archambault
John and Cheryl ’78 Boland
Joyce Britland
Martin Charette
Rene and *Lynne Comtois
*Matthew and Julie Desaulnier
*Thomas and Macy Harney
Dan Donahue and Susan Harrod
Patricia A. Hertzfeld
Hans and Christina Koehl
Lisa M Langelier ’90
Steve Lapointe
Jeff and Diane Marshall
Ken Dykstra and Dr. Toni Moumouris
Debora Rimkus
Vivian H. Shortreed
Lawrence F. Sommer
Robert and MarieJeanne Therrien
*Denise Walsh ’90
Charley and ^Dianne Williams
WINY, Gary and *Karen Osbrey

QVCC Mentors
Gifts of $250-$499

Bernard ’16 and Anne Auger
John and Susan Boland
Robert and Susan Breault
George and Pam Brown
David and ^Joy Chartier ’78
Eleanor Clark
Jean Collins
Wayne and Dorothy Durst
Ed’s Refrigeration Service
Friendly Spirits, *Rusty and Judy Haines
*Edward Graff ’13
George and Gloria Lakatzis
William F. and Diane MacLaren
Paul Martland
Dr. D. Quentin and Julie Miller
Miyoshi America
Louise Muller ’09
Douglas and Gail Porter
Steven and Diana Rose
Steven and Paula Schimmel
Lettie Schultz
Sealand Contractors Corp
Barbara ’81 and Ted Simmons
Jay Sinha
Bruce and *Monique Wolanin
*James and Melissa Zahansky

QVCC Honor Roll
Gifts of $100-$249

Frank Aleman
Alexanders Lake Homeowners
Rita Anand ’73
Jonathan Andersen
Charles and Alice Archambault
Daniel and Mary Atwood
Jeanne M. Barrows
Ann Barry
Margaret Bartley
Mary Beaulac
Alice Belden

Peter and Chris Benoit
Richard and Katherine Bishop ’84, ’85
Joseph Bogoslofski
Jeff Bond
Mike and Dave Bonney
Janice Bosworth ’82
Lynn K. Bourque
Cindi Brassington
Jo-Ann Chenail
Angelo Cinami ’86
Pauline Clifford
Congress of Connecticut Community Colleges
John Cook
CorePlus Federal Credit Union
Susan B. Cunningham
Carolyn Day
Scott DeShong
Bruce and Cindy Disco
Rebecca Doughty ’90
Nelson E Douglas
Mary A. Eames ’84
Mary T. Fatsi
Josephine Fox
Valentine and ^Aili Galasyn
Roger and Nancy Gale
Golden Greek Restaurant
Stephanie Gosselin
Jennifer Green ’15
Paul Grenier
George and Sandra Groom
Yi Guan-Raczkowski
Lenore Gudmundson
Judy Haines
Emily Hamilton ’16
Devon Harris ’17
Gary W. Hatch
Marilyn Hines
Marjorie Hoskin
Richard and Margie Huoppi
Jolley Concrete & Block Inc.
Eric Kapitulik
Killingly Quiet Corner Lions Club
Winifred Klein ’76
Edmond LaFantasie ’86
Lori LaJoie
Barbara A. Laliberte
Jane Lehrer
John Lepore
Levine Distributing Company, Inc.
*Mark A. Light ’02
Nicholas Longo
Elinor MacDonald
Paul and Christine ’94 Mailhot
Walter and Carolyn McGinn
John and Barbara McGrath Jr.
William McGurk
Roger and Donna R. Mercier
Pauline E. Metras
*Amanda L. Miller ’07
Anthony and Shirley Mongillo
Dr. Edmond and Barbara Morin
Dan Dolan and Mari Muri ’77
Joel Niemann ’15
Kim Ninteau
*Gail Rooke-Norman and Stuart Norman
Nancy O’Leary
Jon R. Pearse
QVCC Foundation
*Jeffrey and Jessica Rawson
Christopher and Victoria Reiser
Linda and Daniel Riquier

Brian D. Rivard ’73
Mercedes J. Robbins
Rogers Corporation
ROGO Distributors
Ruth Schunmann Bourassa ’87
*Marc Scrivener
Donna E. Sohan
Eric and Susan Spencer
Deb Strauss
Lois Swenson
Arlene D. Tetreault ’85
Ronald and Gwyneth Tillen
Joann Langevin Titus ’88
Nancy Todd
James Toth
Town of Killingly
Kyle Townsend
Michael Townsend
Patricia Townsend
Jane Vanderlip
Cristine M. Waldron
Mary Ann and Steve Williams

QVCC Supporters
Gifts of $1-$99

Whitney and Donna ’96 Albeke
Scott Antonson
Arlene Baril
Lara Beecher ’13
Thomas and Cynthia Bergeron
Arrow Lyndall Berry
Kay Bousquet
Joyce, Moe and Glenn Bouthillier
Marguerite O. Breckel
Robert Brex
*Maureen ’77 and Michael Brodeur
Brooklyn Business Association
John Buell
Joan Burlingame ’75
Jane Carey
Beverly Champany
John and Noreen Chapman
Georgette Chenail
Donald and Betty Church
Nancy Cole ’95
Roberta Cook
Walter and Denise Crabtree
Patricia Daviau
Melissa Davis
Caroline E. Delaney
Ronald Denaro ’17
Joseph and Brenda Duchesneau
Tom and Nancy Dziki
Susan Esons
Elkin Espitia-Loaiza
Adell Eustice
Mae Flexer ’08
Joseph and Mary Ann ’80 Fodor
Sydney Frechette ’16
Margaret and Doug Gagnon
Mary R. Gazzola
Elizabeth Geary
Debra Giambattista
Jo Ann Godfrey
Dan and Lisa Gorin
*Elle-Jordyn Goslin
Donna Grant ’02
Claire J. Green
Judith R. Gries
David and Maryanne Guillot
James W Hearn ’77
Judith Hendrickson

Ann ’82 and Walter Hinchman
Eleanor Hubbard
William Hull
Joseph and Valentine Iamartino
Andrea Jackson ’93
Lenore Felpel and James Hamel
Charles Joseph ’96 III
Ayla Kardestuncer
Key Builders
Ruth Kneier
Anthony O. Krulic
Joel Ladyka ’84
Ed Larrow
Richard and Edith Lebowitz
Diane A. Lefebvre ’76
Ralph Leonard
Louis R. Leveillee
Brian Levesque
Elaine Lippke ’79
Marshall and Elizabeth Loveday
Mark Downing Lowe
Alessandra Lundberg
Ida M. Markowitz
Norma Marquez
Patricia L Mizak
Kathleen ’03 and Donald Morin
Andrew Morrison
Network For Good
Erin Pagano
Roger and Lorraine C. Pellerin
Kinson B Perry ’77
Allan and Emily Petterson
Joyce L Phagan ’93
James and Linda Phaiah
Robert and Marilyn Rath
Allan and Kathie Rawson
Stephen and Joan Rechner
Alice E. Regas
Robert Reichel
Herbert and Beverly Richardson
Norma Rothwell
Irene Roy
Stephan Roy
Arlene M. Santerre
Debra and Allen Sayles
Beverly Schott ’89
Earl Semmelrock
Ann Simas
Amparo S. Simpson
Phyllis Smith
Andrew Snow
June M. Suleski
Regis Synnott
Jo Ann Szela ’83
Taylor Brooke Winery
Thames Valley Council for Community Action
Karen Therrien ’02
Sarah A. Therrien ’05
Antonio Therrien ’79
R. Avery and Cynthia Tillinghast
Darren Trudeau
Mark and Susan Varbel
Linda Walsh
David Woodward

*Foundation Member
^ Foundation Member Emeritus