heatherweb1Heather – Brooklyn, CT

I am a Liberal Arts major and hope to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies at UCONN after graduation.

What is your status at the college?

I am a freshman at QVCC and incredibly involved in campus life. I am an officer of the Student Government Association, where my position is representative to the Foundation. At Foundation meetings I represent the SGA and tell them what we are up to. I am also an avid volunteer for different college events. Though many people may volunteer to build their resume, I find keeping busy is fun.

Why did you choose to come to QVCC?

I chose QVCC because I was unsure of what career path to take. While my friends were going on college visits and signing letters of intent, I couldn’t fathom how they were deciding their fate so early. For me, QVCC was the perfect fit because I could continue my education but not commit to a specific path. Of course, there were many other benefits such as small class size and no student debt.

What have you learned about QVCC as an institution that you didn’t know before you came here that has surprised you – in a good way?

I learned that the people here are dedicated to helping you find a path suitable for your desired future. The advisors and teachers want what is best for you and are willing to work with you to complete your goals – both short and long-term.


If you have had an internship as part of your studies, tell us about your experience.

I have not been a part of an internship, but my work-study has taught me skills and lessons of how to work in a professional environment. I also overcame some fears of interacting with strangers. At the Student Success Center, students come looking for answers that could potentially alter their future. With the help of everyone in the office, I have navigated my way to find appropriate responses and send them in the right direction.

How has the college prepared you for your next step, whether continuing with a four-year degree or entering the job market?

QVCC has taught me the importance of a student-advisor relationship. In my future career as a school psychologist, I will be able to relate to how students may feel and how to properly help them.

What has been the best Apply Nowpart of being a QVCC student?

Making new friends! I was worried that I would not make lasting friendships. However, I have realized that both staff and students have made an impression on my life which cannot be undone.

Who at the college has been a positive influence on you and why?

Heather and Amanda
Heather and QVCC mentor, Amanda Giles

I would have to say that Amanda Giles has been the most influential person since I started here. She is an advisor at the Student Success Center and a co-advisor of SGA. Amanda has always provided a welcoming environment and has helped me begin to discover my path. Through involvement in SGA, Amanda has been a key person in helping me explore creativity and unconventional ideas. It is clear she will continue to help me in the future.

What is advice can you give to someone who might be interested in going to college and considering QVCC?

Make the most out of it! “The college experience” is obtainable here, as long as you try. Get involved, try your best, and get out there. If you want to join a club, do it! If you want to start a club, do it! If you want to volunteer or help out, then do it! There is nothing holding you back, so dive in. The opportunities here are endless, and you will not regret your decision to come here, so long as you try. Getting to the point where you can walk down the hallway and know at least one person by name is a great feeling. So don’t hold back and just be you.

Share some additional information about yourself – where you work, hobbies, volunteer work, etc.

QVCC, SGA, and all the events we put on take up a good chunk of my time. I feel that by being a part of SGA I can make a difference at QV, which may ripple to the community around it. I am in a work-study where I am always starting new projects, and I volunteer for Continuing Education and the Office of the President. Outside of QVCC, I enjoy government and politics. This election season I was a volunteer door-knocker and helped to Get Out the Vote. Like most people I also love spending time with my family and friends. Making time for every aspect of my life is a challenge sometimes, but somehow I manage to fit everybody in.