4Cs Professional Development

The Professional Development and Sabbatical Committee has two main functions: (1) it oversees the distribution of professional development monies awarded to 4Cs members and (2) it reviews applications for sabbatical leave. Committee approval is subject to available funding and to individual employee limits as specified in the contract between the 4Cs Union and the Board of Regents.

Each Semester Professional Development applications are accepted for:

Venn Diagram showing that members may not receive funding for both tuition and conferences in the same semester.

FY 23-24 Professional Development Application Deadlines

Typically, applications for conferences, workshops, seminars, tuition, and professional society dues expenses considered at 2-4 meetings during the Fall semester and 3-4 meetings during the spring semester.  Deadlines for fall 2022 will be announced after the start of the fall semester.  Watch for emails from the Committee.

FY 23-24 Professional Development Application Forms and Instructions

Please select the relevant application and download BOTH the application and the step-by-step application submission instructions:

Tuition or Coursework Application and Tuition Instructions

Professional Society Dues Application and Dues Instructions

General PD Application and PD Instructions (conferences, workshops, seminars, all other); Also download and complete the Travel Authorization form if needed.

FY 23-24 Sabbatical Application Timeline

This following sabbatical application timeline information is drawn from the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article: XVII, pages 43-46, effective July 1, 2016-June 30, 2021; and from the Supplemental Letter of Agreement, p. 93, with one exception–the committee’s offer of feedback on early application drafts (deadline November 1).  See the Agreement and Supplemental Letter for eligibility information.

November 1 – (optional step) last date to submit draft application to this committee for feedback;

November 15 – last date for applicant to submit to CEO; CEO then passes along to this committee;

December 15 – last date for this committee to submit recommendations to CEO;

January 15 – date by which CEO shall have met with this committee and submitted recommendations to CSCU President;

February 1st – date by which CSCU committee makes its recommendations to CSCU President;

February 15 – date by which CSCU President makes final decision;

March 1 – all applicants informed of final decision by this date.

FY 23-24 PD & S Committee

The Committee is elected annually. The next election will likely take place in May, 2024.  Until a new Committee is formed, direct questions to Melissa Philion: mphilion@qvcc.edu