quinebaug valley community college

4Cs Professional Development

The Professional Development and Sabbatical Committee has two main functions: (1) it oversees the distribution of professional development monies awarded to 4Cs members and (2) it reviews applications for sabbatical leave. Committee approval is subject to available funding and to individual employee limits as specified in the contract between the 4Cs Union and the Board of Regents. Professional development applications are accepted for:

(a) conferences, workshops, seminars, webinars, and other on-ground or online learning opportunities;

(b) tuition for on-ground and online courses; and,

(c) reimbursement for professional society membership dues.

FY17-18 Forms

FY17-18 Committee

M’lyn Hines (Chairperson), Donna AlbekeScott DeShongO. Brian Kaufman
The Committee is elected annually.