Emergency Response – Medical Emergency


Campus security:

Office of the CEO:

Building supervisor:


  1. Nature of the emergency
  2. If police, fire or ambulance is needed
  3. If there is a weapon involved
  4. If suspect is still present, if not identify the direction the suspect went.


If serious injury or illness occurs on campus call 911

  • MEDICAL EMERGENCYGive your name; describe the nature of the medical problems and location of the victim (building, floor, room etc.)
  • To locate a pulse: Feel neck using middle and index fingers under the angle of lower jaw for a pulse in the carotid artery. If someone is unresponsive, not breathing, or has no pulse and you know CPR, begin immediately.

In case of injury or illness please remain with the victim until trained personnel arrive.  Keep the victim still and comfortable.

  • To control bleeding. Apply direct pressure using a clean, thick pad or towel.
  • Keep injured party lying down and elevate injured body parts.
  • Cover with a blanket or coat to maintain body temperature.

For neck, spinal, or back injury

  • Don’t move the injured person unless the environment they are in can cause harm

Seizure activity

  • Clear the area around the patient to protect them from injury.
  • Don’t place anything in their mouth or attempt to restrain the individual.


  • Call Security and call 911
  • Lay victim on side to prevent choking hazard
  • Administer Narcan
    • Narcan locations in Danielson: Outside Auditorium by Security, Outside Computer lab, E186, Manufacturing entrance/lobby, and outside the library entrance, C224.

Psychological Emergency
A psychological crisis exists when an individual is threatening harm to himself/herself or to others or appears to be out of touch with reality due to medications or emotional turmoil.
If Such a Crisis Occurs:

  • Never try to handle a situation you feel is dangerous on your own.
  • Notify the Dean of Academic and Student Affairs. Clearly state that you need immediate assistance: Give your name, specific location (building floor and room#) and briefly describe the problem (i.e. student is crying uncontrollably, student is having a panic reaction, etc.).