Emergency Response – Fire


Campus security:

Office of the CEO:

Building supervisor:


  1. Nature of the emergency
  2. If police, fire or ambulance is needed
  3. If there is a weapon involved
  4. If suspect is still present, if not identify the direction the suspect went.


fireWhen a fire alarm sounds or you are directed to evacuate, you should immediately leave the building.
If you discover either smoke or fire the following steps should be followed:

  • RESCUE: Evacuate those who are directly affected by smoke and heat. Individuals with disabilities should be assisted to safe zones or out of the building if possible.
  • ALARM: Initiate the alarm by pulling the nearest fire alarm.
  • CONFINE: Prevent the spread of fire by closing windows and doors. Do not prop open fire doors, they are designed to close when an alarm is activated.
  • EXTINGUISH: Only attempt to extinguish the fire after all evacuations and life safety measures are met. Do not risk your life or the lives of others to extinguish a fire.

Evacuate the building. If possible and in the building pull the fire alarm and call 911 from a campus phone (benefit of this is it automatically alerts QVCC administration of an issue) or cell phone.

  • If there is smoke in the room or in the hallway stay low to the floor.
  • If the doorknob or door feels hot, do not open it.
  • If the door feels okay, open it slowly to check for smoke or flames the hallway.
  • If you are trapped in a room, open the windows for air and hang something out the window to attract attention.

Do not use elevators. For people with mobility issues, Evacuchairs are located at the far west end of QVCC Danielson campus and at the center stairwell by learning center.