Emergency Response – Criminal Acts


Campus security:

Office of the CEO:

Building supervisor:


  1. Nature of the emergency
  2. If police, fire or ambulance is needed
  3. If there is a weapon involved
  4. If suspect is still present, if not identify the direction the suspect went.


Acts in Progress

For acts in progress or suspicious activity, try to remember details of location, incident, and suspect. When ERT is made aware of a serious crime, accident or death, they initiate immediate contact with the normal chain of protocol.criminal acts


In the event of serious accident or death of a student, all inquiries should be directed to the Dean of Academic and Student Affairs; in the event of serious accident or death of an employee, all inquiries should be made to the CEO.

If a serious crime, accident or death occurs, State Police will coordinate all aspects of the criminal investigation.

Reporting Threats or Violence

A person who feels that he or she has been subjected to threats or acts of violence as defined herein, or a person who witnesses such threats or acts, must report the incident to a supervisor or manager. Supervisors and managers who receive such reports shall report all complaints to the dean of administration or the associate human resources director, who will identify the appropriate action to take. Serious incidents or serious threats of imminent danger to the safety of persons or property should immediately be reported to proper law enforcement authorities (dial 911) and the CEO.

Any individual who has applied for or obtained a protective or restraining order which lists the premises of the Community Colleges as protected areas, must provide to the Human Resources Office a copy of the petition and declaration used to seek the order, a copy of any protective or restraining order that is granted, and a copy of any protective or restraining order that is made permanent. The sensitivity of the information requested is understood and colleges are responsible for treating such information in a manner that recognizes and respects the privacy of the reporting person.

Enforcement of this Policy
All reported incidents of violence will be taken seriously and will be dealt with appropriately, including prompt evaluation, investigation and response. An individual who makes a substantial threat of violence or commits an act of violence as defined in this policy shall be removed from the premises. Any weapon or dangerous instrument will be confiscated and turned over to appropriate law enforcement/public safety authorities. There is no reasonable expectation of privacy with respect to such items on college premises.

Violations of this policy, including knowingly providing a false report, or failing to cooperate fully with an investigation, may lead to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from employment or expulsion from the college. Violations may also result in criminal penalties.

Any questions or concerns regarding this policy should be directed to Karen Hynick, CEO.